Real leader in the field of unmanned driving: Four top enterprises, unstoppable future development!(list)

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Unmanned vehicle is a kind of intelligent vehicle, also known as wheeled mobile robot, mainly relies on the intelligent driver in the car to achieve the purpose of unmanned driving.The unmanned vehicle is an intelligent vehicle that senses the road environment through the on-board sensor system, automatically plans the driving route and controls the vehicle to reach the predetermined target.It uses on-board sensors to sense the environment around the vehicle, and controls the steering and speed of the vehicle according to the road, vehicle position and obstacle information obtained by perception, so that the vehicle can safely and reliably run on the road.The aerospace and automotive electronics manufacturing company under Aerospace Science and Industry Group mainly engages in the research and development, production and sales of aerospace application products, automotive electronics, Internet of vehicles and industrial Internet of Things, petroleum instruments and equipment, and power equipment, etc.The company relies on excellent product research and development ability, reliable quality assurance, timely product delivery, perfect after-sales service, to provide customers with efficient and comprehensive solutions.The company has established strategic cooperative relations with world-renowned automobile manufacturers and domestic self-owned brand automobile manufacturers, and has accumulated more stable and high-quality customer resources in all industries involved in the company’s business, laying a solid foundation for the company’s sustainable and steady business development.Short term trend: Strong up process, can buy dips, not short.Medium term trend: There is an accelerated uptrend.Long-term trend: So far, there are 9 main institutions with A total holding capacity of 312 million shares, accounting for 39.07% of the outstanding A-shares. Ii. Baic Blue Valley, A well-known enterprise of new energy vehicles and core components, is mainly engaged in r&d, production, sales and service of pure electric passenger vehicles and core components.The company continues to develop technology in battery life, safety, low temperature, fast exchange and other aspects to improve the technological advancement of battery system.The company has solved the technical problem of improving battery energy utilization under the high safety design standard, and continuously improved the two core indicators of “battery life and safety”. The battery system has a certain competitive advantage.Short term trend: Strong up process, can buy dips, not short.Medium term trend: in the rebound phase.Long-term trend: So far, there are 2 main institutions, holding A total of 13.1664 million shares, accounting for 0.59% of the outstanding A-shares. Iii. Shenzhen City Exchange Company is in the leading position among domestic urban transportation professional research institutions.Focusing on the field of urban transportation, based on traffic big data analysis, we provide customers with overall solutions for urban transportation, including planning consulting, engineering design and testing, big data software and intelligent transportation, etc.The operation scale of the company has maintained steady growth. Under the background of the state’s strong support for urban transportation construction and development and the application of new technologies such as big data, the company’s big data software and new business of smart transportation have developed rapidly.With years of industry experience accumulation, the company has a good brand image in the field of urban transportation planning segmentation, the company has urban and rural planning class A, engineering consulting class A, engineering design Class A, highway engineering testing comprehensive Class A and other qualifications.Short – term trend: the market has recently risen in a row, careful short – term correction.Medium term trend: the rising trend has slowed down, can be appropriate high selling low buying.Long-term trend: Good long-term investment value.Iv. Unistrong is one of the earliest companies to enter the field of satellite navigation and positioning in China. Main business: R&d, manufacturing and sales of related products based on high-precision satellite navigation technology.In complex environment, the signal acquisition capability and tracking sensitivity are improved significantly.This technology will greatly improve the signal receiving ability of high precision receiver in complex environment.At the same time, the company has completed the architecture design of the next generation OF RADIO frequency baseband integrated SoC chip. On the basis of supporting the traditional high-precision market, the company also takes into account the requirements of future vehicle unmanned driving and uav for high-precision positioning, which has broad market application scenarios.Short term trend: Strong up process, can buy dips, not short.Medium term trend: There is an accelerated uptrend.Long-term trend: so far, A total of 1 major institutions, holding A total of 149 million shares, accounting for 24.86% of the outstanding A shares this content only represents personal views, for reference only, not recommended, according to the operation, profits and losses.The market has the risk, the investment needs the caution!