In the Premier League, Lukman saves the day as Wolves beat Leicester city by a single goal at home

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Wolves face Leicester City in the 26th round of the English Premier League on February 21, 2022 at 00:30 Beijing time.In the 9th minute, Jimenez assists teammate Neves to open the scoring for wolves.Lukman pulled Leicester back in the 41st minute with a goal from albrighton.Half time whistle, wolves home draw with Leicester City.Bordens sealed the victory with a 66th-minute goal for the Wolves in the second half.After the time, the two teams have nothing to build, will keep the score to the end.At the final whistle, Wolves edged leicester City 2-1 at home.In the 9th minute, Jimenez assists teammate Neves to open the scoring for wolves.The 29th minute of the game, Leicester city serunju by the referee yellow card warning.The 38th minute of the game, wolves bordens was warned by the referee yellow card.Then Lukman scored a goal and Leicester equalised.Bordens sealed the win with a goal for wolves in the 66th minute.Leicester came on in the 73rd minute to replace Dacca with Isinacho.The 76 th minute of the game, Wolf’s Neves by the referee yellow card warning.In the 81st minute, Wolves replaced Bordens with Neto.The end of the game, Leicester city away 2-1 narrowly lost to Wolves.Wolves (3-5-2) :1- Sa, 23- Kilman, 16- Cody, 27- Seth, 22- Semedo, 32- Dendonkel, 8- Neves, 28- Moutinho (58′ 26- Hwang Hee-can), 3- Nuri (88′ 5- Massar), 9- Jimenez, 10- Bordens (81′ 7- Neto) Leicester City (4-3-3) :1- Schmeichel, 21- Pereira, 18- Amatai, 4- Seyunju, 33- Thomas, 8- Tilemans, 25- Ndidi (74′ 10- Madison), 49- Dieusbury – Hall, 11- Albrighton, 29- Dhaka (73′ 14- Isinacho), 37- Lukman Wolf:Arsenal vs., 25 February 2022, 3:45Wolverhampton Wanderers (22 February 2022) West Ham united v Wolverhampton Wanderers (leicester City) burnley v Wolverhampton Wanderers (3 March 2022)Leicester City: Leicester City vs Leeds united at 20:30 on 5 March 2022