I like spring breeze

2022-08-18 0 By

Spring to six gas, spring three hou, cold solution quietly;As the snow and ice melted, the north wind stopped howling and was replaced by spring wind.I like the spring breeze, autumn harvest, must be a credit for the spring breeze.The spring breeze kissed the earth, people do not know where to go, peach blossom still smile spring breeze;Spring breeze over willows, willow branches shaking, graceful, shape thousands of, a day, there is a poem: I do not know who cut thin leaves, Spring breeze like scissors in February.I like spring breeze, the hot summer bloom, germination in the call of spring breeze.The spring breeze is the alarm clock of the universe, it woke up the squirrel in the tree hole, woke up the bear in the cave, woke up the underground frog, woke up the grass in the soil… all things recovery, small lotus sharp Angle, only then a hundred flowers bloom, colorful.I like the spring breeze, sweep the winter closed Tibet, the seven fairies dance.The dull world is lively, no longer all white snow.Old men and women put on new clothes, young boys and girls enchanting, the sky is blue, the clouds are rippling.And I like the spring breeze in the efforts to solve the disturbing, in the Yin and Yang harmony clear their mind.Know the warm cold, gentle spring breeze, but also a little bit of cool.Flying eyebrows, passion hidden temptation.In fact, hope is temptation, full of hope is full of temptation.A wise man still running deep is rational in hope, above temptation, walking with the spring breeze, wake up with the spring breeze.A horse’s hoof, a horse’s hoof, a horse’s hoof