Ear root another fantasy text into the dark horse, even “Di Dao Zunzun” throw in the towel, 9.8 points captured the list one!

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Hello, everyone, xiaobian to recommend good articles to everyone again, today is recommended for everyone is fantasy, fantasy was once a prosperous style, until today is still a very popular classification.So today xiaobian will give you first to a few classic works: ear root another fantasy into a dark horse, even “Di Dao Alone” are thrown in the towel, 9.8 points captured the list one!The first: “I want to seal the day” author: Ear root introduction: if I want to have a day can not have if I want to have no day forbid!This is a story that begins between Mountain eight and Mountain nine a world of “I am doomed to heaven”!This is ear root following “fairy inverse” “seek magic” after, the creation of the third minister novel “I want to seal the day” wonderful content: Meng Hao’s flying sword, king Teng Fei’s art, has let the monks around the heart roar, even if they look down on Meng Hao, but at the moment one by Meng Hao that seems countless magic weapon by shock.Not only they, shangguan Xiu, Ouyang elder, even the patriarch He Luohua, also at this moment, look frozen.Wang Teng Fei strong, can shake the same order of the repair of terror, this is all heart know things, but Meng Hao here was so strong, and the king teng Fei continuous shots, this scene is enough to make people around have inspiration.At the moment forty flying swords will be covered, into the sword cloud storm, in this instant roll eight directions breath, in front of Meng Hao whistling, such as to tear apart all the creatures in front of the king teng Fei, only this blow, the common condensation of the six peaks, it is difficult to resist.Even Meng Hao, also corners of the mouth overflow blood, constantly swallow the demon Dan can barely support.The roar of fierce whirl, Meng Hao forty flying sword in front of the king Teng Fei with a loud bang, immediately broke half, the rest of all fly down, but the second finger of the king Teng Fei, but also could not shake Meng Hao a bit, just let Meng Hao spew a mouthful of blood again.For anyone, at the moment should be careful to treat Meng Hao this opponent, but Wang Teng Fei is still that ignore the appearance, take the third step, point out the third finger.Meng Hao reiki dried up in the body, but he has a lot of demon Dan, constantly supplement and always keep a psychic can to a certain degree, at the moment to see king took the third refers to, the author points out to mind at the beginning in the third, gourd was taken, Meng Hao pitfalls more intense eyes, the body is not retreated, also a step forward, both hands raised make finger gestures during incantations forward,This time three or four of his storage bags were trembling, and in an instant, swords flashed out of the stunned crowd around him.As Meng Hao’s big sleeve waving, the first wave, the second wave, the third wave of flying sword, turned into a dazzling sword rain, in this moment, a, ten, twenty, thirty…Until seventy flying sword, divided into four waves, with the sword aengjing, before and after rushed straight to the king teng Fei.Meng Hao mouth constantly overflow blood, constantly swallow Dan medicine, his eyes are red, killing unprecedented intense extreme, even if the spirit force to dry up, also at all!(Click below to read for free) The second book: The Opening of the Day By: Red introduction: Survival, easy.Life is hard.My people, do not want to humble survival, but head up, proud life.My people, we will never be slaves!Exciting content: The grottoes in a radius of 100 li, on the dome of numerous large and small crystal clusters in the continuous fall.One cluster of crystals broke off, then crashed down and collided with countless clusters of crystals on the ground.Sparks flew, loud noise repeatedly, crystal cluster fragments scattered everywhere, the whole grotto is in a slight shaking.The remains of buildings around the hall were smashed to pieces.The hall was gone, the surrounding ruins were gone, and all the brick beams and columns were in pieces, eventually covered in thick clusters of crystal fragments.Chutian squatted at the entrance of the grottoes, staring at the scene of destruction.The bull hero, who is 1,000 meters tall, seems to be the prime minister who sustains this cave.The body of the bull hero collapses, and the alien energy that fills the air of the grotto immediately causes the grotto to collapse.There were still faint golden lights in the air, and the bull hero was completely ashen.The old iron lay beside the iron witch, also lost in watching the golden light in the air, watching countless crystal clusters and boulders falling from the dome.”The fellow, as obstinate as ever…”Old Tie grunted, “After all these years of death, I can’t believe I’m still dead. Let’s see who gets this baby.””After all these years…Lonely?Despair?Or is he as desperate as I am?”The old tie murmured, “Only a long period of despair can make his body so broken.””By his practice, his body is almost immortal…Only from his own despair could his body be destroyed instantly and completely.”The old iron shook his head. “Good, though…He rejoices before he destroys, and that is good.”(Click below to read for free) The third book: “Emperor And Tao Alone” author: Yiye Qingtian Introduction: the beginning of heaven and earth, the universe;Nine strange doors escape, preaching stars.At the moment when the coffin of xueshan Dragon, which is covered with dust for thousands of years, is moved, the road of Death is coming, and the civilization of gods and demons is coming. The universe is like the gods and demons tearing the shackles, and a wonderful spiritual world is evolving.Awesome content: “I’m just waking up now?How strong is my physical potential?”Su Yan excited do not know what to say, he can clearly feel, the potential of the birth of the flesh, as tear a lot of shackles, opened a space of another potential!From the depths of his flesh, he awakens a powerful force that can crack boulders!While the remaining energy of vermilion is being refined, the awakening power begins to soar at a terrifying speed!But the strength of zhu Guo is far from satisfying su Yan’s awakening, three zhu Guo most of the energy used to open the awakening road, now need more energy to support the awakening process.”I need energy!”Let me try again. When can I get three vermilion berries?”Su yan urgent like ants on hot pot, because according to the manual of cultivation, if the awakening process, the required energy is not enough, so often will die!As Su Yan get source stone, supplement of human blood, now the situation is different, but he is awakening!Examples of awakening failure and death have appeared, especially Suyan’s body is too horrible, once the awakening road is opened, the energy required is outrageous!Su Yan immediately took out the yuan liquid, all the yuan liquid swallowed!(Click below to read for free) Today’s fantasy recommended here, like reading novels must not miss these good works, I hope you can give xiaobian little attention, support, thank you!