Chapter 27: Crane master’s plan

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Crane zongzi see Qi Hong broad arrival, facial expression slightly a change, and immediately restore as usual, forward a ceremony: “the original is Brother Qi, the two xiaoye people know the whereabouts of tihu silver key, also pretend to be the grandson of Brother Qi, Brother Qi can never be cheated by them.”The patriarch has a wicked man to complain first.Qi Hongkuo did not talk, just in Qi Yixiu and heart Yue body light two, two people on the pain immediately disappeared.Qi Hongkuo opened his mouth: “This man is indeed my qi Hongkuo’s grandson. Didn’t the crane master ever see him before?Even if he is not my grandson, how can the crane Lord treat his two juniors so badly?”Qi Hong broad face livid, coldly say.”Well, my younger brother was reckless. I did see your sun before, but he was young at that time. Now he has grown up and changed his appearance, and my younger brother didn’t recognize him for a while.Since this man is the grandson of Brother Qi, he must not be a wicked man. Even if he had taken the key, it would be nothing. My younger brother said goodbye.”The crane master was a little embarrassed, and he would leave again.”Uncle, can’t pass this person, he not only got tihu silver key, but also…It hurt me!”Jia Yongchang voice shouted sharply, he does not know the strength of Qi Hongkuo, think crane master is the most severe existence of the whole continent.”Shut up!”Said the crane master coldly.Jia Yongchang’s words stirred up Qi Yixiu’s anger, then said: “Grandpa, is this person and sun son enemy, originally sun son plan to finish this matter within five years, but he now seriously injured my most important friend, and this person stay in the world, do not know how many evil things to do, please grandpa to pick up his hand.Qi yixiu said lightly, as if as long as grandpa hands, things will be done.”Oh.”Qi Hongkuo does not know whether or not, but looks to crane master.Crane zong face instant three changes, if it is an ordinary person, he will not therefore offend Qi Hongkuo, but he married Jia Yongchang’s aunt, old husband little wife, and Jia Yongchang’s aunt and unusual beauty, 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings.Although he was arrogant outside, he was very hen-pecked at home.”Brother Qi,” he said, “I have heard that your grandson has a five-year engagement with his younger nephew.Let them deal with their young people’s business.Besides, the unworthy boy is my wife’s nephew. If Brother Qi takes his life, I won’t be able to explain myself.”Qi Hongkuo some surprised, “you ten thousand Buddha is not forbidden to marry?””Marriage and funeral is the common feeling of human beings, how can one ban it, as the saying goes, ban is better than sparse…”Rao is crane zongzi thick skin again, this is also said to be a little guilty.Qi Hongkuo felt both absurd and funny, and looked at his grandson as if seeking his advice.He is not afraid of crane master, although his strength is not weak at the other side, and have confidence to win the other side one-upmanship, but ten thousand Buddhas is the letter Xia country after all the first big xiuzhen school, so it is not worth it.”Good!Since the crane patriarch said so, I cannot dishonor the crane patriarch. Within five years, I will end this matter with ten thousand Buddhas.”Qi Yixiu stepped forward and said.When the three storks turned to leave, Jia Yongchang asked, “Uncle, who is that old man?Why are you so afraid of him?””His name was Qi Hongkuo. When han Xia fought against the foreign xiuzhen, he was an absolute general, and his strength was also better than mine.In the yantonggu War, he killed dozens of foreign masters alone. It was true that Buddha killed Buddha and God killed God.It is from that war, foreign xiuzhen no longer dare to invade our han Xia country.I can feel that he is still superior to me.”The crane master said helplessly.”The plan was a failure. Nothing came of it.”The crane master continued.So he Yu also rises day by day since yan Tong Valley after war prestige, together with the identity of its ten thousand Buddha zong, get more and more people chase after in both hands, its ambition also expands gradually.Ten thousand Buddhas were handed down a silver key, named “Phoenix”, he also knew the secret of the treasure of longxing.So he tried to find other keys, and a few months earlier, one of the priests he had recruited sensed the location of the “Heavenly Tiger” keys in Ju, but could not determine their exact location.He also sent people to investigate, but ju’s county was so large that even if the powerful practitioners of zhen chi could sense the key within a certain range by using zhen Chi, they would not be able to release zhen Chi all the time.Therefore, for some time, no results.The Lord of the stork spread the news of the appearance of the Key of the Sky tiger in Ju’s county, and invited everyone to explore it. There is strength in numbers!When the parties in order to fight tiger silver key, you can also come to a fisherman.As a result, for a variety of reasons, the old men of the major factions did not come, but some good men were sent to inquire.In fact, although the development of things out of his expectation, but still smooth, if the last is not Qi Hongkuo hands, he has considerable confidence from Qi Yixiu to get the whereabouts of tihu silver key.But now silver key affirmation falls to Qi Hongkuo hand, oneself is not somebody else’s opponent, can be long-term plan.”Xiao Xiu son, you just for this person, I give you to protect the life of the amulet to others?”After the crane patriarch left, Qi Hongkuo pulled up Qi Yixiu’s ear, but still returned the amulet to Qi Yixiu, “remember, do not easily give others in the future.””I know grandpa, you quickly help me to see, he still can save?He did it for me.”Qi yixiu’s face looked anxious.”As I have just seen, the young man is so badly wounded that his veins are broken, and I can only keep him alive with my true spirit.As for saving his life, need nine yuan Dan, but it is seven Dan medicine, grandpa can do nothing, you need to think of your own way.Over a period of time Shennong door will recruit students, you go to Shennong door to see if there are other ways, I will help you ask shennong door friends.”Qi Hongkuo said. “Who is this girl?”Qi Hongkuo and look at the heart yue.Qi Yixiu had to temporarily put down the matter, back: “This is xianxia hall heart yue.Xin shi mei, come and meet my grandpa.””Hi, Qi Bo, I know you.”Heart Yue respectfully to a salute, crisp called uncle, but not grandpa, “I heard my mother Yunhui said, you are Aunt Xu’s lover, aunt Xu traveled thousands of miles from the Western world to letter Xia, looking for is you.””Don’t be rude. What do you call uncle?Call grandpa.”Qi yixiu corrected.”Ha ha, uncle is right.Little girl, you are yunhui’s daughter. You are so old. I heard Ya Yu talk about you.What are your plans for the future?If you have nothing else to do, why don’t you come along?Qibobo will teach you a set of skills.”Qi Hong broad dote on ground say.”Well, thank you, Uncle Qi.”Heart Yue happily promised to come down, Qi Hongkuo but the existence of the continent, can get his advice, is a great chance.Qi Yixiu heard that grandpa to carry out special training for themselves, they do need to improve the strength as soon as possible, otherwise how to mix in xiuzhen?But soon to carry out basketball league qualifiers, I can not evade, had to say: “grandpa, special training can be put, after the national intermediate college basketball league qualifiers ah, the game is about to be carried out, without my estimate my teammates can not ah.””You boy, also quite narcissistic.Yes, as you please.”Qi Hongkuo promised to come down, practice is not a matter of one day, also not in a hurry.In the mind emerges the figure that gives crane yu again however, total feeling his action is some wrong, hope he does not depart from original heart.Qi Yixiu saw grandpa agreed to come down, but fell into a deep thought, thinking that he was worried about his own safety, he said: “Grandpa, this tianhu silver key, or put it in your here, put me here too unsafe.””Good.”