A buy is a earn, Harbin Buick GL8 price cut 0.43%

2022-08-18 0 By

The work is not satisfactory, the trouble of life, it is time to change a car to change the mood, the recent Heilongjiang Hongguang Buick shop as of April 05, straight down 10,000 yuan,Looking forward to your visit promotion time from April 05, 2022 to April 05, 2022 Buick GL8 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Harbin quotation Avenir six seat Gift edition 469,900 yuan 1010,000 yuan 468,900 yuan AvenirSeven blocks of pro version 463,900 yuan 102,900 yuan Avenir four blocks of pro version 533,900 yuan 103,900 yuan ES Land 653T comfort model 317,900 yuan 103,900 yuan ES land 653TES 653T luxury model 399,900 smart luxury model 399,900 109,396,900 ES 653TES 653T Smart flagship model 417,900 yuan 416,900 yuan Land business class 652T comfort model 232,900 yuan 1010,231,900 yuan land business class 652TLuxury model 258,900 yuan 108,900 yuan Land business class 652T Smart luxury model 269,900 yuan 108,900 yuan land business class 652T luxury model 279,900 yuan 108,900 yuan land business class 652TWisdom noble model 285,900 yuan 284,900 yuan land business class luxury well-being version 308,900 yuan 307,900 yuan land business class 652T luxury well-being version 329,900 yuan 108,900 yuan 329,900 yuan ES land 653TComfort 317,900 yuan 1010,316,900 yuan