To accelerate the return to the original nature of manufacturing, Han Jie, president of The West Zheng Region of Central South Land, was promoted to the group CEO

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February 8, Zhongnan Construction (000961.SZ) real estate subsidiary Zhongnan Land issued a personnel adjustment announcement to adjust the appointment of core executives.According to the announcement, Chen Yuhan, general manager of Zhongnan Construction, will no longer serve as president of Zhongnan Land. He will be in charge of the operation and management of listed companies, and only serve as chairman of Zhongnan Land.Han Jie, former vice President of Zhongnan Land and President of West Zheng Region, will be promoted to president of Zhongnan Land to comprehensively lead the business of Zhongnan Land, manage various functional lines and regional companies and report to Chen Yuhan.In early January 2022, Zhongnan Construction proposed to integrate the resources of the construction industry chain, focus on the development of agent construction and EPC and other traditional advantages of the business, and gradually move towards the direction of manufacturing or serving the manufacturing industry, in order to smoothly ride out the adjustment period of real estate and construction industry and create future growth points.Different from traditional real estate enterprises, Zhongnan Construction started with construction and entered the top 20 real estate enterprises in 2017, forming a development model driven by real estate and construction.In the eyes of many industry insiders, Han Jie, the newly promoted president of Zhongnan Land, has a high reputation. In the current industry environment, his promotion is of great significance under the new strategic direction.According to the public information, Han Jie joined Zhongnan Land in April 2017. Before that, he served as vice President of Zhongnan Land and President of Xizheng Regional Company. He is a veteran of Zhongnan Land with many years of frontline combat experience, rich experience in enterprise management and project development and operation, and outstanding achievements in agent construction and other management output business fields.Since 2017, han jie led xi ‘an theater from zero breakthrough, in just one year to achieve more than ten billion, in 2018 successfully ranked among the TOP5 real estate enterprises sales list in xi ‘an.In January 2020, the xi ‘an and zhengzhou regions of zhongnan land were merged into the xi zheng region. Han jie served as the president of the regional company and led the team to sign a contract of 15 billion yuan, ranking among the TOP3 real estate enterprises in xi ‘an.In 2021, Xi ‘an and Zhengzhou will give priority to both seriousness and severity, and take the lead in accelerating exploration and expansion in the field of asset-light agent construction. So far, 6 agent construction projects have been successfully signed, and the owners of the signed projects include government platform companies, enterprises and other diversified subjects.Industry adjustment period, netting is better than retreat, do the main business to become the inevitable choice for the survival and development of private enterprises.A zhongnan insiders said, as general manager of zhongnan construction, Chen yu containing perspective in the future will be standing on a higher platform management of listed companies, in the central south land and zhongnan construction implemented on industrial chain integration of superior resources, strengthen the coordinated development of double main advantage, capital market oriented unified force, speed up the exploration and development in the field of construction and EPC.The announcement also announced that several other senior executives of Zhongnan Land were promoted: Li Xinyuan, president of Shandong, Bi Xingkuang, president of Jiangsu and Anhui regions, Yang Jie, president of Haixi Region, and Guo Haibin, head of the group’s engineering management center, were promoted to vice president of Zhongnan Land group.Ying Chen, currently in charge of marketing management department of West Zheng, will be in charge of marketing management Center of Zhongnan Land Group.Cao Jingming, head of design management Department in Suzhou and Shanghai, will be appointed head of R&D design Center of Zhongnan Land Group.In the real estate industry, Zhongnan Land is well known for its cultivation and emphasis on endogenous strength.The senior executives promoted this time are all core talents with mature internal cultivation.As for the internal adjustment, Zhongnan Land said that in the new industry period, the company will pay more attention to the cultivation of internal executives, pay attention to cultural adaptation and accumulation of internal “military achievements”, and develop talents for long-term strategy.In 2021, 80% of the company’s management team will be promoted from within, and 50% of its regional presidents will be promoted from within.Since the second half of 2021, the organizational structure and internal personnel adjustment of leading real estate enterprises in the industry has become normal, including Vanke, Longfor, New City, Xuhui and other typical real estate enterprises have taken the initiative to upgrade the organizational structure, further focus on advantageous resources, focusing on long-term ism.In the future, after the painful period of shrinking the balance sheet of the industry, how to achieve the rebalancing and redevelopment of Zhongnan is worth more expectations of the industry.