The original god players homemade cooking pot PV, a day fire all over the network, laowai: Chinese will be born to live?

2022-08-17 0 By

Recently, a video of “Zhong Ba: The Listener”, a player creation video of “Original God”, went viral all over the Internet, and even abroad.At present, the video has been played 152W and received 16.8W likes in just four days after its release. What kind of video can zhong Ba get such high popularity?

This video is based on the original God character demo – “Jongli:Catch people “, adapted from the original god UP “LCT fire red jujube” have replaced storytellers with walnut, the protagonist clock from the change in order to “the kitchen god” rice crust, little helper is xiang ling side, of course not crispy rice, the rice crust also the author according to the need to make a small change in the rice crust plot, such as eyes changed to clock out, give a person a sense of calm wisdom.

In the video, zhong Ba, xiang Ling’s sideman, is transformed into a character in the game, sitting on the street eating mooncakes and calmly listening to the storyteller Walnut tell her story.

Zhong Ba holds the moon cake with dignity, with the attributes of rock + fire, to know that although the leading role can also have 5 attributes, but also can not have at the same time, and Zhong Ba directly has two attributes, its strength is naturally self-evident.

Its big move the sky to everything, a fire attribute of the moon cake from the sky, magnificent, hit the ground can not only cause a lot of damage, but also petrify all the monsters nearby.

I have to say that the author’s animation is really great, not only the picture is exquisite, but also the movements of the characters are flowing smoothly. Although the skill design imitates Zhong Li, it is also very innovative, which makes the audience marvel at it. If you have time, you must watch the original video and experience the original god out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, the comments section is buzzing with suggestions that this could be the best original Series of the year, with one user even joking: “I can only give you 94 points for this job, because I got 6 points for taking up the emergency lane to watch your video.”

Not only that, the video also became popular abroad, many foreign players after watching it have said: “this is a masterpiece”, “in my life, I have never seen a better character presentation” and so on, some even said: China’s whole cultural atmosphere at another level.

The popularity of this video also reflects players’ love for the original god from the side. Since miha Tour opened the original God’s second creation, the original God’s second creation has never stopped, from the exquisite role drawing to the whole live video, the popularity has been high.However, such a high-quality live video may be the only one so far, but IT is believed that in the future, there will be more high-quality original God ii creative content.