Pandas have been the top flow since ancient times!Can bingdwen Dwen, the explosive fire, become the IP of Chinese culture?

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If the app is the most popular “top traffic” of the Winter Olympics, it must be the mascot Bing Dwen Dwen.This will only lovely and fashion seamless integration of science and technology sense of giant panda, detonated national enthusiasm, also obtained the attention of the whole world and love, snap up its peripheral derivative products become agitation, appear “a pier hard to seek” phenomenon.The explosion of Bing Dwen Dun reflects the high enthusiasm of the Whole people for the Olympic Games and the commercial value of the Games. Besides, we look forward to the continuous development of bing Dwen Dun as the national cultural IP to help the external dissemination of Chinese culture.Winter Olympics top drift ice mound mound: universal Olympic enthusiasm carrying at the start of the New Year, the 2022 Beijing Olympics kicked off in a much-anticipated, lump-sum cut national Olympic enthusiasm has not the least, the opening ceremony of the beautiful, cool stimulation of hot ice project, schedule, the Chinese team gold medal, the athletes, etc., and winter Olympics everything become a topic of hot debate.Among them, the well-known “top flow” is undoubtedly the Winter Olympic mascot Bing Dwen Dwen.The giant panda mascot, wearing a space suit as transparent as snow and ice and surrounded by colorful ice ribbons, is designed to combine China’s most distinctive national treasure animal with a sense of science and technology and the future, while closely following the features of snow and ice and speed of the Winter Olympics. It is cute and fashionable at the same time.With the Winter Olympics coming into its own, Bing Dwen Dwen’s cute and fashionable image has become ubiquitous in Olympic venues and TV screens, attracting a lot of attention.Bing Dwen dwen’s audience recognition has gradually improved.At the beginning of the 2019 image launch, there was little enthusiasm. Online comments were mixed, saying that the mascot was a panda, which lacked novelty and was “a panda without a neck”.At the end of 2021, the visual design system for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was released, which reached a new height in the extraction of Chinese cultural elements and the integration of modern aesthetics, and won widespread praise.(Related article link: Beijing Winter Olympics design aesthetic, we call straight: THIS time I can!)Souvenirs such as opening countdown badges designed in the image of Bing Dwen dwen are also popular for their clever design.Under the influence of the overall positive attitude, The word of mouth of Bing Dwen dwen also improved accordingly.With the official opening of the Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen Dwen’s popularity has soared.There are a number of reasons why Bing Dwen dwen has become such a star of the Winter Olympics.The first is that the image is indeed endearing.Compared with past Mascots, which were sometimes abstract and sometimes avant-garde, Bing Dwen Dwen not only retained the normal animal as the prototype, but also inherited the gentle, lazy and silly panda, while the design team endowed it with more flexible and fashionable characteristics.In addition to the style of ice and snow spacesuits and colorful ice ribbons, there are more details such as the welcome heart in the left palm and the inner eight-character standing posture, which are very in line with the current “cute culture” aesthetic, laying a popular foundation for it.In addition, ice mound mound in the design of its bonus points for its image code, as snowboarding, sled, curling projects such as the athletes’ ice mound mound, has a different point of view, of gesture image, outside the cute and lovely a few minutes more athletes spirited, also played the games are a good science project.Bing Dwen Dwen’s sports design also forms the basic image of its derivative souvenirs.With the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, Bing Dwen Dwen has more dynamic opportunities to show their lovely side, whether it is the animation image in the promotional video, or the performance of the mascot doll, have added a lot of fun for the Winter Olympic Games, but also created a lot of interesting “meme”, triggered netizens to share and spread with enthusiasm.Apart from the national interest, many foreign athletes and staff members have also fallen in love with the chubby panda.The photos and videos they shared together spread Bing Dwen dwen’s cute image to countries around the world and sparked many discussions about bing Dwen Dwen on the Internet.The attention bing Dwen Dwen received outside China in turn stimulated its love for bing Dwen dwen at home.Delta Olympic athletes to share and ice mound mound daily delta by netizens dubbed ice mound mound “powder” Japanese journalists 辻 hillock YiTang, success in the “amway” ice mound mound in the face of international friends enthusiasm, Chinese netizens nature also unwilling is weak, the network on a wave of a wave of discussion about ice mound mound and the second creation.Already owns the ice pier pier around, leading it to punch around the scenic spots.The second creation of painting bloggers.Food bloggers have made their own dumplings to achieve edible and delicious “bing Dwen dun freedom”.Bing Dwen dwen’s mother is worried about her relationship. The couple has been clearly arranged by the video clip hand, which has been fast-forward from the sweet daily life with the official CP, The Paralympic mascot Xue Rongrong, to another dimensional lalang with another mascot, The top of the world, Linabelle.And the creation of memes where everything ends.Ever since devil Internet users discovered bing Dwen Dwen’s bizarre match with pandaman, a popular demonic emoticon, the Internet has been flooded with calls for “buying a pair of eyes without bing Dwen Dwen’s emoticon” with huge sums of money.Even foreign netizens couldn’t help laughing.Opened the games are just three days, ice mound mound on dozens of hot search, more established microblogging super topic, at present the heat even beyond the new Asian cup champion feather born of the Chinese women’s team, winter games popular sentiment knot string, GuAiLing etc., to sports super topic list first, worthy of the winter Olympics flow.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ commercial value appears at the beginning, “a pier is hard to find” grand occasion unprecedented consumption is all grand enthusiasm outlet, each eye-catching event eventually become “grass” congress.After the Broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala, Zhang Xiaofei’s coat became popular on Taobao overnight. After the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, with the sweeping praise of “Chinese romance”, it was actively shared the link of athletes’ down jacket brand.Ice Dun dun explosion, followed by the whole people for its derivative souvenir buying upsurge.Badges, ornaments, thermos cups, key chains and other affordable daily necessities are loved by everyone, while the popular blind hand-made boxes are snapped up because of their rarity.Due to the Spring Festival holiday, most of the online flagship stores of Bingdandan products are out of stock, while offline franchise stores that still have products for sale are lined up.For a time, there have been “a pier difficult to find”, “a pier a melt”, “package pier to the household” and other network fashion words, urging manufacturers to improve capacity as soon as possible, supplement the supply of ice pier pier.Bing Dwen dwen’s buying spree has boosted sales of souvenirs for the 2022 Winter Olympics.On February 4, data from Tmall showed that 5,000 bingdwen Dwen handworks sold out within 15 minutes.On February 5, the daily sales of souvenirs for the Beijing Winter Olympics exceeded 1 million.Sales of licensed souvenirs are expected to reach 2.5 billion yuan for the entire Beijing Winter Olympics cycle.Accompanied by a surge in sales is the investment market on the winter Olympics concept shares.On February 7, the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger, Yuan-lung Yatto, a licensed producer and retailer of derivatives for the Winter Olympics, opened the year with a daily limit of 10 percent, while other related souvenir suppliers also surged.As the follow-up value of national cultural IP, it needs to be further explored to carry commercial value. Besides, Bing Dwen Dwen is also a cultural symbol, a cultural IP at the national level created based on the needs of the Winter Olympics, and a mapping of national cultural soft power.There is still a long way to go to export Cultural IP in China.In May 2019, the 14th China Beijing International Cultural And Creative Industry Expo released Chinese Cultural Symbols for the New Era:The evaluation results of 2018-2019 Cultural IP Evaluation Report show that, with online literature, games, movies and TV series as the main output forms, China’s cultural IP has gained certain international acceptance, but the audience breadth is still insufficient, the quality needs to be improved, and there are major problems of Chinese cultural characteristics are not distinct.A big IP of Chinese culture that is as influential as Marvel’s heroes and Disney’s has yet to emerge.Standing on the high starting point of the Winter Olympics, can Bing Dwen Dwen be expected to become a representative national cultural IP?The prototype of China’s national treasure animal giant panda, the vivid image recognized by the market, the resounding identity of the Winter Olympic Mascot, the enthusiasm and support of the whole people, as well as certain popularity and popularity in the world, Bing Dwen Dwen has preliminary potential.However, high-quality cultural IP, in addition to the image of recognition and recognition, is more important to tell a good engaging story, along with the construction of a complete world view, as well as the distinctive cultural connotation and values with Chinese characteristics throughout the show.Bing Dwen Dwen has a unique birth context and distinctive design style. Besides the Winter Olympics, it also has a unique experience closely connected with national events: landing on Mars aboard Tianyun-1 and landing on the moon with Chang ‘e-5 to take samples.It even has an accompanying set of intimate companions, Sherongrong, which is a good foundation for telling stories around characters.A series of stories with Chinese characteristics featuring bingdandan as the protagonist, featuring high-quality content in various forms such as animation, cartoon, game, film and TV series, may become a qualitative breakthrough in the export of Chinese cultural IP.What needs special attention is that Bing Dwen Dwen, as a panda with the key words of science and technology and sense of the future, does not reflect the link with traditional Chinese cultural elements in the image. How to lay out Chinese characteristics in the story and show the essence of traditional culture should be one of the main focuses of Bing Dwen Dwen IP’s follow-up development.In this regard, a special edition of “Jin Dwen Dwen”, awarded to Winter Olympic medalists, has provided an idea of success.The shape of the wreath follows the olive branch, a classic element of the Olympic Games. In detail, it creatively adopts the traditional Chinese pattern of pine, bamboo, plum and three friends of cold, echoing the winter Olympics season of ice and snow. The Chinese cultural characteristics are integrated with the Olympic theme, with ingenious design and ornamental design.Conclusion The rapid popularity of the ice pier pier with the national people in this winter many emotions, the love and pursuit of lovely things, the attention and participation of the Winter Olympics, the Olympic athletes to show style, for gold and silver expectations and joy, as well as the confidence and pride of China’s national strength.As the Mascot of the Olympic Games, in the transmission of the Olympic spirit, create the Olympic atmosphere, show the image of the host country, as well as derivatives and other aspects of income, Bing Dwen Dwen is undoubtedly “excess” to complete the task, creating history.The cute and cool panda will surely become an unforgettable memory for the Chinese people and even the world during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Perhaps we can hope that the top stream ice Dun dun is not just a flash in the pan during the Winter Olympics, but its cultural value will surprise us even more in the future.