Immersive fire science popularization experience | this escape room guide, please check!

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Quiz you, where do young people like to go during holidays?A: Well, KTV, cinema, Internet cafe?Is OUT!We play escape room, script kill!In recent years, with the thrilling and exciting gameplay in a confined space, immersive story experience has rapidly become popular among young groups. However, when immersed in these new and exciting experiences, have you ever thought about the hidden dangers behind it?On May 2, 2021, gong and his friends went to an escape room to play. Within 10 minutes of entering the room, they were attacked by a non-player character and were injured.Gong’s arm was injured in the chamber when he escaped from playing in the chamber. As a player, he was handcuffed. Then he felt the pain of electric shock on his body, and all his friends who entered the chamber together were shocked again.On January 4, 2019, a fire broke out at an escape room in the northern Polish city of Kosarin, killing five people and injuring one. All five girls were minors.A secret room escape fire in Poland, resulting in 5 deaths and 1 person was injured.