Heyang County Public Security Bureau carries out safety inspection in Jiulong Police Station

2022-08-17 0 By

Weinan politics and Law network (correspondent Wang Tianli) in order to eliminate security risks in key places, maintain the overall stability of the area’s public security environment.On February 24, the Kowloon police station of Heyang County public Security Bureau launched a safety inspection and rectification operation to improve the sense of security and satisfaction of the local people.Kowloon Police Station civilian auxiliary police to the area of schools, second-hand car market, waste stations and gas stations and other units to carry out safety inspection, safety knowledge publicity, safety hidden trouble investigation.During the inspection, the police focused on the daily fire inspection of all units, the implementation of the safety system, epidemic prevention and control registration, monitoring facilities and the normal use of fire facilities and other aspects of the inspection, the inspection found unqualified items on the spot, required the relevant units immediately rectification.Civil auxiliary police also carried out detailed inquiries on the responsible persons of each site, and told them to earnestly do a good job in safety prevention work, strictly implement the safety management system, improve the daily safety inspection work, and strictly prevent the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents.Through the safety inspection, the comprehensive implementation of the area of key places of fire safety responsibility, timely elimination of safety risks, for the area of safety and stability laid a foundation.Editor: Wang Qian