Guangdong Yingde Yinghong Town “one axis, two parks, two belts and one district” to facilitate the integrated development of town and tourism

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Yinghong Town, Yingde City, Guangdong Province, relying on its geographical advantages, factor endowment and industrial development foundation, strives to build a development pattern of “one axis, two parks, two belts and one district”, solves the problem of dual structure of urban and rural development, and helps accelerate the integration of town and tourism.Yinghong Town, Yingde City, Guangdong Province has obvious geographical advantages and a good foundation for resource endowment and industrial development.Yueguang expressway, Shanzhou-Kunming Expressway, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway and Beijiang river pass through the territory.Yingde Nanling National Park is located in the west of the town, and there are many famous scenic spots in the town, such as Jiqingli, Olympic Park, and Guangde Industrial Park to undertake the pearl River Delta industry transfer.In order to accelerate the development, the town combined with the actual situation, relying on the location advantage, factor endowment and industrial development basis, put forward the development idea and positioning of “one axis, two parks, two belts and one district”.Put forward a revival style belt construction to promote rural town development brigade fusion, in the construction of “beautiful country + characteristic agriculture planting and processing, kang to raise industry + special tourism, scientific research and education” boost rural revitalization, from the endowment of resources, location advantage, industrial structure, population distribution, characteristic culture, created a new development of land use planning.Huang Jinqiao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yinghong Town, said that Yinghong Town will firmly establish the idea of “a game of chess”, and actively respond to the Action plan of “one game, one district and two places” of The British and German Municipal Party Committee and Government, taking the construction of Nanling National Park in Guangdong Province, the construction of tea culture tourism high-quality route style belt, the construction of beautiful home for reservoir migrants as an opportunity,Combined with the red area ecological resource, historical background, development advantages, location advantages and unique cultural quality preparation of town rural revitalization of industry planning and special project scheme, planning a batch of infrastructure “for a short board”, “strong foundation of rural industries, wen gen base” energy “” top ten project” project, the development of the red level, rural revitalization of the ground to carry out the work.Yinghong Town’s development orientation of “one axis, two parks, two belts and one district” : “One axis” means that the southern Guanyinshan tunnel is transformed into two two-way two lanes, and taking advantage of the construction opportunity of the National park, we apply for funds to expand the second guanyinshan tunnel, and embed yinghong area into the downtown of Yinggermany after completion, forming an urban extension axis of Yinggerman city.The “Two Parks” use the industrial development resources of Guangde Industrial Park and High-tech Industrial Park (i.e. Qingyuan Yingde High-tech Industrial Development Zone) to effectively link the industrial development resources of Yinghong Town to implement the rural revitalization strategy, solve the problem of dual structure of urban and rural development, and complement the “One Axis”.The “two belts” is to build “Yinghong Characteristic Agricultural Development Belt” by relying on the regional tea industry, vegetable base and other characteristic agricultural development resources, and to develop “Yinghong Beijiang Tourism belt” by taking Beijiang River as the link.”Area 1″ refers to the construction of “Yunling Comprehensive Supporting Area”, to create a comprehensive supporting area of agricultural products processing, logistics and trade services for the integrated development of yinghong primary, secondary and tertiary industries.Let the development plan of “one axis, two parks, two belts and one district” cover the whole area of Yinghong Town, supporting each other and resonating with the same frequency.After years of continuous development, the western transit road of Yinghong Town connects the adjacent town Hengshitang Town jiqing Li and Xianqiao underground River scenic spot.Organic series of large text brigade the garden kingdom of chocolate, red tea factory, tea research institute of guangdong province, the red (the red park) the sitting room, white stone kiln science park, the Lao farming culture tourist area, stone mountain lion prehistoric sites, the nine manor, a gigantic beijiang river wetland park, on the zen tea valley, nameplates, porch, etc., and to the north of nanling national park,Constitute the “tea culture tourism route style belt construction”.According to the plan, the town plans to build a rural revitalization complex along the route that integrates modern industrial park, sightseeing, food play, history and humanities, research and education, and leisure and homestay.To expedite the construction of project construction, the red town of the “rural revitalization of the sitting room, the red culture center, tea world beautiful rural landscape, tourism products line, the upgrade yuengling street town, new south China stone mountain ridge national park entrance to the community, the lion prehistoric site park upgrade, beijiang river wetland park, bird island kanden garden” project such as listed as “top ten project” project, implement the leadership responsibility system,A project completion schedule is also listed.The main leaders of the town often come down to the site to understand the difficulties and problems encountered in the project push, and coordinate to solve them personally to ensure the project advance as scheduled.According to Huang Jinqiao, secretary of the Township Committee, Yinghong Town plans to build “ten major projects” to create a batch of new business modes of rural revitalization combined with culture and tourism, dig deeply into the characteristic Yinghong story culture of tea farms, educated youth and returned overseas Chinese, and improve “Ten thousand mu of tea garden, great America Yinghong!”Brand, drive village collective, villagers to achieve common income.Promote yinghong town to achieve leapfrog development.The author learned from the interview that the construction of the “ten major projects” in Yinghong Town will promote the construction of “one axis, two parks, two belts and one area” in the whole Area of Yinghong town, and build two tourist areas, “Guantian River water Scenery tourist area” and “Beijiang Waterfront Wetland Tourist area”.It has formed “Bird Island Wetland Park”, “Beijiang Tourism Viewing Platform”, “Prehistoric Site Park”, “Ten thousand mu of golden rice fragrance”, “ten thousand mu of emerald tea garden”, “ten thousand mu of golden wheat wave”, “ten thousand mu of fruit corridor” and “ten thousand mu of four seasons vegetable garden” and other characteristic sightseeing areas with Yinghong symbols.After completion, it will greatly promote yinghong Town to achieve a new situation of great integration and development of the first, second and third industries.Located in The Bird Island Wetland Park, Tianjiang Village, Yinghong Town, a large number of birds migrate to live here from April to November.Located in yinghong Town Tianjiang Village Shishi Mountain prehistoric site