Forcing men, women and children to call him “dad” and reaching out to minors, this man’s plot is so sinister

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“Dad,We miss you love you follow your heart will never change forever “the earthy” real “Mario brothers” with a chant eerie wind, affectation of song lyrics, writhing comically awkward body do disgusting to calling a so-called “daddy” but they are not in funny dance competition also is not to “locate” they’re looking for the “daddy” and not only they didn’tAny blood relationship even has a “blood” the spirit of the identity of the evil cult leader – ZuoKun speed stamp video to see a miracle of the traps “daddy” story “blood of the spirit” bring cult leader ZuoKun “blood” the holy spirit is using the cult “leader” of Christian name ZuoKun claiming to be “the servant of god in latter-day pick and apostles” ZuoKun this “dad addiction” the old man askedBelievers all ages, both men and women should be referred to as “dad” or “daddy” ZuoKun threatened if who don’t believe he will be in the “world without suffering” after the death of others when dad – the father loves the mountain ZuoKun when a “father” – a father, such as landslides after he slanting reason heterodox brainwashing of believers mad with religious devotion hard-earned money live a lavish life bring his slanting reason heterodox ZuoKun with him as believersDad he is only when the believers are the silly son to send money Left Kun wants to be king and dad, can be really – shallow pool wang Ba, everywhere is big brother cheater dad addiction, must be your dad temple small evil wind, full of nonsense is not a serious person,Net Lao deceive people into hard ZuoKun ever claimed that he died several time three times he when he died of the world’s most advanced medical machines do check in the room all the iron stuff such as scissors, kitchen knife was being sucked up he threatened – because his heart had no valve installed metal stents have veins not poking fun at his first claim to death several times it ZuoKun which is “father” wang into the essence of itIs a magnet for fine ah but not only is the “blood of the spirit” the terrible brainwashed and fundraising in ZuoKun absurd remarks by many people astray even under attack believers who will the axe flick to persuade their loved ones even have believers said to himself when he wants to “primary” bring about the “blood” believers will persuade their loved ones into seriously ZuoKun will also own heads towardProselytize to the minors wooing teenagers with teenagers to “grow” their own organization strength he gives ideas through the premature children “brainwashing” wet behind not deep child comes at a time when youth has bewitched by cult “blood of the spirit” misguided to destroy the right life path bring for ZuoKun birthday celebration performances of teenage children deceive the world, the “blood”Collecting money and endangering the society had been identified as a cult by our government several decades ago and banned according to law. Then Zuo Kun fled to Taiwan and then fled to the United States. Please recognize the nature of his cult.