Emergency transfer of “lifesaving drugs” by zhoukou Police tripartite relay across 60 kilometers

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Henan radio and Television rong media reporter Ding Yangguang intern Wang Wenyan correspondent Yu Fashun “Director Zhao, give you a safe, now my child after taking medicine basically stable condition.If you hadn’t taken the lifesaving medicine for my child in time, I don’t know what consequences the child’s illness would have caused. Please convey our sincere gratitude to the Zhoukou police.”Morning of April 7, zhoukou taikang county township mother mouth a ehrsson administrative villages villagers special sunni mother mouth to taikang county public security bureau police station, the director of the liu hong-wei zhao calls, center of zhoukou city public security bureau office, organization, taikang county, zhoukou city public security bureau public security bureau, sichuan hui district public security bureau department of launching for children with leukemia emergency transport express our heartfelt thanks to you for “life-saving medicine”.April 6 at 11 o ‘clock, Taikang County son mother mouth police station deputy director Lin Lili, received area resident Liu Sheng from Zhejiang called the alarm for help, said its son xiaoqiang in the hometown son mother mouth town some administrative village 12 years old (pseudonym) because of illness, must take specific drugs for a long time, if the drug will make the development of illness.Due to the epidemic control, the specific medicine they bought from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University is now stranded in the express transfer station in Chuanhui District, unable to reach Taikang, hoping that the police can help.Lin Lili report to hong-wei zhao, hong-wei zhao, Lin Lili immediately drove along the direction of big wide high-speed to zhoukou city, at the same time to the taikang county public security bureau command center and zhoukou city public security bureau command center report, request to contact big wide high-speed fugou county new stations and chuan hui district branch of high-tech police station, and with various epidemic prevention and control in taikang county ZhiQinDian ahead of time,Make drug escort along the way in advance.After receiving the report, zhoukou Public Security Bureau command center immediately instructed Chuanhui District Public Security Bureau on duty deputy director Fang Yayong to arrange relevant departments to cooperate, effectively do a good job of escorting drug transfer Taikang work.As the logistics company delivered by the drugs is located in the high-tech zone of Chuanhui District, the task of delivering drugs falls on Liu Jianjun, director of the high-tech police station.There is no small matter for the interests of the masses. Liu Jianjun immediately arranged the institute to prepare protective clothing after receiving the telephone instruction, and arranged the police on duty to contact the logistics company of the drug detention, prepare the vehicle in advance, and transfer the drug safely to the drug handover place agreed by the two sides at the first time.Yan Qiang and Su Yue, two police officers from the High-tech Zone police station of Chuanhui Sub-bureau, drove off the Daxin Station of Fugou County on the Guangzhou-Guangzhou Expressway at around 12 o ‘clock on The same day. The two police officers carried out a no-contact handover in accordance with epidemic prevention regulations and killed people, packages and vehicles.At about 13:30, Zhao Hongwei and others arrived at the sick boy’s administrative village with the package, and transferred the medicine to the child’s mother Ms. Li in time by the administrative village cadres responsible for the epidemic prevention and control card point in the village.In order to sick children’s life health and safety, each involved in the police escort drugs are going all out, they use practical action to practice the “people’s police for the people” clank oath.