About the fragmentation of friendship

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2 people come and go, but I will not accompany you on the road after the daily 3 4 the story can not make up the end of the drama 5 really step into my universe 6 rotten relationship is better broken 7 reallyStep into my universe eight people in the wind, accumulation and dispersion are not from me and I know this is my a person’s dilemma 10 three friendship too crowded I quit and some people are destined to accompany me to walk a road 12 parted ways we’re going to go to the distance is only 13 so we each bosom worry, get along too tired to say goodbye in time from 14 if no sin and I just have your betterI can’t do without you. 16. Stop losing in time without asking for anything in return.Don’t forget that your best friends have best friends.Everyone eventually runs in a different direction.20 also slowly become forgotten by others.21 Many people do not need to see each other, just passing by. 22 Losing the desire to share is the beginning of the end. 23 After parting, I do not know you are far and far away and speechlessWas the beginning of the present and there is always a way, you will cry while through 29 to stop contact is the most tacit understanding thing we ever did 30 days don’t disturb each other hope you have a good after 31 don’t know far or near, a growing divide between no book I treat you different with others, but you still don’t understand 33’s unrequited pay, no stop in time.34 I want to hug you forcibly, but you escape farther 35 No concern, no touch, no disappointment, no surprise, no accident 36 You can not count on the water that has been cooled,Steaming 37 some relationships break again quietly let people unprepared 38 mountain breeze blew off like our friendship and I think you can understand and respect the 40 when I started to say I think you know all you’ll forget it and others just 41 people to see the sea, and someone to be loved, someone is waiting for you to the 42 how you and others now 43. We are not in the cold war?Don’t despair, anyone can leave you at any time.Let’s not make up. Bad is bad.45. Losing the desire to share is the beginning of the end.Life is long, there is me, there is you, there is no we 47 Breaking up is the norm in the world, no one is an exception 48 Movies are so kind, they always let people who have missed out meet again 49 I never thought it would end so soon between us 50 A dead end is lost in the past goodbye friend 51 Sad to sayI’m not your best friend 52 my concessions and compromises, you never seem to notice 53 you start to perfunctory I start don’t bother we just miss 54.No more common topics, no more the meaning of meeting 55 No bad things happen, never see the appearance of people around 56 The relationship between two people depends on one person, it will be meaningless 57I never doubt the truth, but the truth can change quickly.Any relationship as long as you want to strange I will not look at you 59 How small things have to tell you now big things have nothing to do with you 60 no matter what kind of way to say goodbye are sorry once so good we 61 ABOUT my personality I owe you an apology but about my love for youNo matter what kind of way we say goodbye, WE are sorry. We used to be so good. About my personality, I owe you an apology, but about my love for you, I only owe you.Copywriting source: Momo’s wechat public account, Momo Copywriting Pavilion ~ (Remember to pay attention to oh, super loud ~)