Ye Luo li: 4 people sink into a dream again, Wang Mo hears gentle voice, suspected dream of the good face of princess

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Ice Lotus has reached the climax, Yan Jue, ice Princess, water prince and Wang Mo four people have entered the dream night castle of the princess dream.As long as they find her inner fear, they can wake her up, so that everyone can get out.However, after coming to castle of dream night, want to encounter nightmare torture as before, 4 people also sleep again, ice princess is in dream with human identity show a person, can she be rescued?The Water Prince lay peacefully in bed. He should have no fear.Having experienced two nightmares (one about Wang Mo and one about the King of France), the water Prince understood the pattern of Dream princess so well that, theoretically speaking, he could not be deceived again.However, the dream princess dream night castle is very strange, if not dream, I’m afraid really can not find the way back to the world.Yan Jue is the restoration of the former pure human image, is very tangled.Although Yan Jue really walked out from the nightmare, but troubled in his mind things still failed to solve.Yan Jue’s inner struggle is continuing, and the struggle between modernism and classicism is also chatty, which is the source of Yan Jue’s pain.Of the four, Wang Mo slept most peacefully.Wang Mo is a seemingly “silly white sweet” role, but many times are by her to help us through the difficulties, this time is no exception.Dream princess is indeed a very annoying character, but she is not born bad, people are born good, dream princess should also become bad with the passage of time.In the dream, Wang Mo heard a gentle voice calling her, this voice should be from the dream princess.Wang Mo took off the dream princess’s eye patch with his bare hands, not afraid of the dream princess’s nightmare technique, this move is really too sa.It seems that the dream princess’s “Nemesis” is really Wang Mo, and only Wang Mo can really let the dream princess on the right path.All the time, Wang Mo has this kind of power, her mouth dun is particularly fierce, even water prince and ice princess so hate human fairies can in wang Mo’s influence began to trust humans.The voice of wang Mo in the dream is very gentle, suspected to be the good side of the dream princess.The formation of dream princess’s “nightmare” eyes must be related to some kind of encounter.From the dream princess to Yan Jue in a concern, can realize her selfishness, but also can see her heart is not completely evil, at least human nature did not lose.Hopefully, this time, Wang Mo can put Princess Dream on the right track.In the fairy dream yeloli, there is no absolute good and evil, every role has the opportunity to be whitewashed, the dream princess is no exception.Dream princess is also a person with a story, and her story will inevitably unfold with a “dream” to reveal her past and the reason for her deterioration.What do you think about that?Thank you for your comments.