Three pieces of advice for blind dates: if you really want to get married, watch it

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The New Year is over, and the blind dates are finally over and back to work. We don’t know if we’ve found or are still looking for the right person.Anyway, I wish you all the best in the New Year.Some time ago, a woman in Zhoukou, Henan province, one day saw more than 30 boys on the hot search, caused a lot of people’s resonance, this magnitude, it is estimated to be the ceiling of the blind date industry.A big estimate, even if it only takes 10 minutes to meet a boy, there are more than 30 boys, they have to talk for more than 300 minutes, nearly six hours, and different boys to communicate, I don’t know whether the girls remember.Such a close arrangement, estimated blind girl, a day down also become some numb.Especially at the end of the year, blind date has become the most important schedule for many people during the Spring Festival holiday. However, blind date does not necessarily mean that they will meet the right person. In many cases, they just meet each other in a hurry and may become strangers in each other’s wechat list.Just like this woman in Zhoukou, Henan Province, her hometown has more men than women, so she has the advantage, but she doesn’t want to compromise too much, so she simply sees more and sees more. In the end, she only remembers one or two things.People often make fun of blind dates on the Internet, especially in forums like Tieba. Blind dates have become a worry for many people. In the process of blind dates, people will meet all kinds of people.It must be admitted that some people are not really blind date, they want to be able to find superiority in each other, hope to find a sense of overlooking others.But for those of you, especially girls, who really want to get out of a blind date, I have a few heartfelt words for you.Reality some of the “reality” here actually means two things, and maybe not all of them.The first layer meaning: let the girl some reality, is the hope that the girl can see some reality of marriage, what sentient beings drink enough water, what love at first sight and so on, will not make your marriage happiness.You may have seen or heard similar stories, but the odds are slim that they will not happen to you.In the face of the unknown marriage life, the truth of economic first, you should see thoroughly some.In fact, in the final analysis, you and ten boys dating, the poorest boy, even if you like, it is not really suitable for you, there is no economic basis of the feelings, is scattered sand, can not afford to toss.Do not believe those poor boy’s words, said that the future efforts to give you happiness, what will have in the future, what is willing to give you.In fact, these are only his temporary measures.Only you really get, is true and credible, can not get the promise, is always an empty talk.Be realistic about your marriage, and at least you won’t make yourself a bad loser in the future, even if you’re unhappy.Second meaning: let the girl be realistic, is to be realistic to yourself.To know your own position, in the words of the great White is to know how much weight you have.00 after all began to enter the blind date market, you an ordinary can not be in the ordinary 90, with what request each other mature and steady pain you are willing to undertake housework.Marriage itself is a kind of exchange of resources, you have to have capital, people are best at overestimating themselves, in the blind date market, I advise you not to do so.The consequence of overestimating yourself is that you may miss out on the right person for you and lead a life that is far inferior to your previous one.Not married?Not your stubborn capital.It just sets you up for unreality.Soberly give yourself a positioning, they deserve to go up which level of the crowd, too high we do not climb, too low we do not settle.Such an option may not be suitable for everyone, but for most people, a relatively happy marriage will result.Direct a few words of truth, have entered the blind date market, do not be reserved again.The “directness” mentioned here actually has two meanings.1 meaning: When you meet someone you like, don’t be afraid to speak up.Sometimes it is found that the girl who goes on a blind date has met his ideal man, who is very suitable for him in all aspects, but he does not want to be too active.In the girl’s own words: I am too active, the other party will think I am a casual person, will not cherish me in the future.The result?The other party thinks the girl to oneself have no feeling, the result deleted wechat, become a passer-by.In many blind date cases, it often happens that girls realize they have missed a very suitable person.A lot of boys, especially those who enter the blind date market, are actually very dull sometimes, because if they are lively and cheerful, they can find a girlfriend by themselves.Therefore, if a girl meets a man she likes in the blind date market, she should take the initiative and be direct, tell her feelings, express her joy and give her some motivation.Aside from the reserved nature of some girls, there is another class of women who are also controversial in the dating market.This kind of girls in the process of communicating with boys, often do not accept, do not reject, do not take the initiative of the “three no” principle.This drives a lot of guys crazy, and they don’t know what they’re thinking, and they don’t know if they should go out with them. Maybe after three or four months of courtship, she suddenly says, “We’re not right for each other,” in response to all of your months of hard work.Such behavior makes a lot of boys are very disgusted, if from the beginning feel that each other is not suitable, girls should not enjoy each other’s good, while consuming the boy’s energy.Make it clear early on that you shouldn’t be lovers, but you shouldn’t be enemies either.Respect others pay, to be honest, is a kind of respect for others, but also a kind of responsibility for their own feelings.Be serious No matter dating or love, I always believe that we should take it seriously.There are some girls, take blind date as a kind of experience completely, go blind date is holding play attitude to get along.This irresponsible attitude doesn’t make you look different, it just makes you look flighty and irresponsible.If we don’t respect it ourselves, then we won’t get respect either. Even if the last two people do happen to get together, how much respect can you expect from them after your first impression has been imprinted in their perception?Treat blind date, treat feelings, responsible and serious, is the background we get along with people.In blind date groups, I have seen a lot of girls making fun of boys, saying, “I can’t do this, I can’t do that,” and then adding, “I don’t have much hope anyway.”If we ourselves do not approve of blind dates, then I really advise you not to allow yourself to participate in blind dates.This in itself is actually a very good thing, but there will be a group of people, in the name of dating, to brush the presence of each other.Such a person, how to deserve love.And those who want to get rid of single girls in the dating market, please be serious, you are not free love, you are equal.Blind date both sides, is on the basis of freedom and equality, do not expect the other side will be like licking dogs to pursue their own, do not expect, they can control the success or failure of this relationship.If you are not serious, you may let the other party notice and cut your losses in time.In fact, this society, not only girls become sober, boys are also.Marriage, also must be two sober people, with each other’s resources to exchange with each other, to win the rest of the world.Even if we lose, it’s not a fiasco, but if we win, it’s probably a victory.Ladies in the market, I hope you can seize happiness.The question is, are you willing to extend your hand?