The first thin coat of spring!These six pieces are enough, stylish and good-looking

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This spring arrives, the an discovers everybody began to be immersed in the magic spell of disorderly dress again, sweater and short sleeve fly together, also do not know who should joke who!Speak of change season sheet to taste actually, I feel had better wear what utilization rate is highest still should belong to thin coat!Cold when fold is worn, hot can sheet is worn, comfortable also is in one numerous change season sheet to taste the ~So~ today this period ZA does not say other, I recommend 6 more popular thin coat this spring to you directly!Interested cute girls look down!Speaking of spring jackets, I have to vote for cardigans!(@xiao Xiao Halo yunn) as a very high comfort of the single product, it can be salt but sweet, the upper body is soft waffly waffly, the whole person line is particularly gentle ~ (@Cool child) different from previous years, this year’s popular carsweater has two major features — lapel + short!The biggest advantage of this style is of course to modify the figure, the lapel to a certain extent concave small right shoulder, short style can raise waist line, these two combinations are really perfect!It’s easier to hold than the long, sloppy cardigans of old!Generally speaking, a lovely girl with big breasts can choose a cardigan with a suit collar. Remember to wear a super-thin bra inside. The suit collar can visually weaken the expansion of big breasts!Be like this kind of cuff slightly loose paragraph, suit thick arm very much lovely girl to wear ~ on color actually very optional also, I am to feel ok if had better each color comes 1, can 7 days do not repeat appearance!(@fish) But for yellow and black stars, neutral colors are the safest and less likely to make mistakes, and it is also easy to wear a high quality look. White stars can choose any color, color will make it easier to shine!Collocation of words is actually not difficult also, want to sweet is tie-in dress ~ want to French a little bit wearing trousers, in combination with the earrings what is too tender don’t don’t ~ ▼ to spring, fleece jacket has become a lot of bloggers heart love ~ is primarily because it convenient to wear off, when you go out in the morning and evening, take a really save time and effort to buy a basic can wear to the three quarter of a year,Utilization rate is very high, but also can let the whole wear become unique vitality ~ although every year there are a lot of pull chain hoodie, but this year’s style is a little different, not the same point is in the original basis added double zipper!Right!This is the type that can pull up the whole zipper, can adjust the height according to your interior!For example, today is a sports crop top, then you can zip up above the stomach position, American retro spice is you!If you want something more casual but not too plain, you can also wear it with a T-shirt, revealing a little hem, for extra layers.Casually with a high waist pants on the line, inadvertently can create a chest below the illusion of legs!Wait for the weather to warm up gradually, single wear also is not impossible ah, easily is the appearance of small sweetheart!If you want to look taller, it is recommended to choose a suit directly!Also need not headache how to match again!White looks like spring, and a baseball cap looks even better.Sweet and sayin, I love it!(@Lemon Botanical Garden) Wind resistance level 10, goose and also own air sense attribute, the upper body also has a slim sense!(@ 10 yuan you LAN) a book on the basic bloggers are one!No matter go fresh soft sister wind, (@gocherry) or personality ye sister wind, can see the figure of cargo coat!(@next-door Lao Wu) Especially Japanese overalls!Really much, some treasure on many shops have been speechless Mimi new!Color is more fresh and clean ~ style is also more everyday, compared with the previous style, less a lot of tough design!A soft line, collocation is also better control, basically no limit to what lower clothing ~ (@ dried pork, @ quickly fall asleep) that is like this relatively wide work clothes, we must pay attention to emphasize the waist line when wearing!You can choose to match high-waist pants, open wear, will appear a good proportion of body ~ with shorts can also be super, very suitable for wearing and sisters spring what, the photos are also very young feeling ~ if you feel too monotonous, you can choose to match a color skirt, sweetness is just right!Or from inside build start, bright eye a bit inside build can appear whole person is very stereo!▼ Since speaking of this, that small suit I also have to take to say ~ (@short legs aunt) reason that of course it can match strong, is the wardrobe of one of the two real wear very high single product!Whether matching skirt or pants, (@Nan Xiaoni, @IMyuuu) T-shirt or shirt, it can be very chic!(@cuihua, @Luuuxxxxx) that spring words, most recommend everyone to buy a suit suit!Recently really fire to a mess!(@a pile of fairy role) both show high show advanced, but also do not spend time to match, easily get fashionable sense!Who can help it!(@Hanhanzi, @Manmancyim) In addition to suits, you can look at the blazers with brighter colors!(@limoon, @Xiaomeng) Compared with those old and dull colors, colorful styles will show more vitality and make the whole person look very tender!However, when matching colored suits, we should pay attention to the color collocation. We can follow the same color system to wear and match, and contrast the color method to match!(@babeei Zhang zhang) If you’re worried about matching, go with the all-powerful white!With the white blend, it will look a little fresher!(@Linshiqi NICKI) Grey will be more Korean ~ everyone choose!(@Peng Zizipeng) ▼ The most classic item in my wardrobe, I think it must be the denim jacket!(@juncoo) Retro classics are out of fashion. Even if I pick up my mom’s denim jacket from 20 years ago, it still looks good!(@Doris) But denim jackets are everywhere. If you want to stand out in a crowd, you have to pick the right denim jacket!(@ 9 milk) popular this year some cowboy coat, nothing more is in the body more popular elements, such as I have said before and you checkerboard elements and splicing element ~ (@ lai is very fierce, @ Lin Shiqi NICKI) but these jackets without wear, can wear a year or two is out of date, so I personally recommend you start with some simple with a little design style!(@caroli) The good thing about simple styles is that they are very durable and inclusive. No matter what style you wear, you can easily hold it!Buy a quality is good put in chest, wear 3 4 years also not a problem ~ collocation go up needless to say more, do not need to spend what idea at all, simple T shirt + sport pants is very Han ~ also can do collocation with knit uncut upper garment directly, had better be to choose to connect a cap, again show a hat recreational feeling is very!You can also wear a denim jacket with jeans.Denim skirt will reduce a bit of age, with wool hat is the whole gentle live!For the lovely girls in the North, the weather may still be a little cool in the early spring. Then baseball clothes can be arranged at this time.(@xxX_797) The thickness is moderate, and the size is loose enough, so even if you wear one or two more layers, it’s almost impossible to tell. (@XXX_797) The baseball uniform is also a classic piece that is very suitable for everyday shopping. The overall feeling can be youthful and girly.I looked around this year’s baseball uniform and found that the style has changed quite a lot!Today’s baseball uniforms are more minimalist and don’t have too many complicated designs. At most, they are decorated with small patterns, or some letters.Clean!Simple!Very intriguing!Simple style collocation is easy to give a sense of senior, the most classic collocation is baseball + pleated skirt, sweet and hot, or the student party lovely girl can blunt!Jeans and a baseball cap also work well with a baseball uniform, but will be more suitable for tall people!(@8MOz) Now, during Chinese New Year, you can also buy a red baseball uniform with some popular elements.(@annoying) Of course ~ leather is also pretty cool, a bit of the meaning of the pilot, if it is a cool girl can wear, absolutely can kill many passers-by wow!/ Finally, you can take off your thick cotton coat and put on a thin coat. If you still don’t know what to buy for spring coat, just read this article.