Since this year, hainan island duty free shop sales exceeded 15 billion yuan

2022-08-16 0 By

Reporter March 27 from the provincial department of Commerce learned that Hainan island duty-free products are widely popular with consumers, this year since hainan island duty-free shop sales of more than 15 billion yuan, year-on-year growth.According to statistics, in the first two months of this year, the total sales of hainan’s 10 off-island duty-free shops reached 12.873 billion yuan, up 33% year-on-year.Among them, duty-free sales reached 11.946 billion yuan, up 38% year on year;The number of duty-free shoppers was 2,126,600, up 36% year on year;The number of duty-free purchases reached 12.623 million, up 53 percent year-on-year.In March, duty-free shopping on hainan island was greatly affected by the epidemic. From March 1 to 23, the total sales of 10 duty-free shops on Hainan Island were 2.296 billion yuan, showing a year-on-year decline.Since the beginning of this year, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, hainan’s 10 off-island duty-free shops have launched a series of consumption promotion activities to invigorate the off-island duty-free market.A number of international famous brands have launched new products, opened new stores, from new products, theme activities, preferential promotion and other aspects of the market.Relevant departments of Hainan have also teamed up with duty-free operators to set up an off-island duty-free zone on the home page of the “Haiyi Office” platform to issue coupons to tourists from outside hainan, which is well received by tourists.During this year’s Spring Festival (Jan 31 to Feb 6), the sales of duty-free shops on hainan’s outlying islands exceeded 2.1 billion yuan in seven days, up more than 150 percent year-on-year.According to understand, to better meet the hainan offshore duty-free market demand, promote consumption abroad circumfluence, actively promote the hainan province duty free, variety, price and international brand “three simultaneous”, hainan offshore duty-free shopping to present the brand more rich, shopping environment optimization, diversity of marketing, shopping convenience, continue to strengthen prevention and control of risk, etc.