Qihe Town, Taoyuan County, launched a campaign to clean up the environment after the Spring Festival

2022-08-16 0 By

After the Spring Festival, out with the old and in with the new.In order to effectively consolidate the effect of environmental health management before the festival, further beautify the environment of towns and villages, and create a clean, clean and comfortable living environment.Recently, qihe town, Taoyuan County, led by the Party committee and government, organized village cadres, cleaning associations, volunteers to carry out post-holiday environmental health remediation action, the area of the main road garbage cleaning, garbage disposal work, and the area of the key areas and traffic along the centralized remediation.Qihe town Party committee government attaches great importance to the post-holiday health renovation work, strengthen environmental health renovation efforts, establish and improve the work system of cleaning association.And sanitation campaign for the publicity, guide the masses, to establish “paint river is my home, health depends on everybody” concept, further enhance the environmental protection consciousness and civilization consciousness within their respective jurisdictions, mobilize the masses also actively involved in environmental health campaign, together create clean and neat, beautiful scenery, beautiful livable “new paint river county deputy center and happiness”.(Ni Minfeng Hu)