Qi Yang: assault inspection strengthens government affairs service hall work discipline

2022-08-16 0 By

Rednet moment On February 11 news (correspondent Zeng Zhiwei GUI Donghai) to further strengthen the window unit style construction, improve service efficiency, to prevent the phenomenon of discipline relaxation, loose thought after the festival.On February 11, qiyang city commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee in the county government office discipline watchdog group jointly city administrative examination and approval service discipline inspection office, optimization of joint supervision and inspection group, don’t say “hello”, not informed in advance, the assault on inspection way, the government affairs service hall all window units and perform the work discipline of the reign of staff on-the-job assault on inspection.All Windows on the first team to administrative service hall unit staff fingerprint puncher sign in check, to conduct site inspection of each window unit, detailed understanding of the staff on-the-job work situation, to see whether there is work to do has nothing to do with the job during the period of behavior, to not on-the-job personnel to verify one by one to ensure no leakage.From the result of the raid, administrative service hall window unit staff can work on time, work orderly and in good condition, embodies the spirit of good, but there are also individual window desk piled up messy and garbage in the trash bin is not clear in time, inspection teams to the scene to correct, in the presence of individual staff not on-the-job, after verified,Will be handled according to the relevant provisions, and will check the situation of the city’s notice, the city’s majority of cadres and workers sounded the alarm.The surprise inspection is designed to let the window unit staff tight style of discipline string, promote the work style change, the next step, the inspection team will also carry out irregular inspection of the style of discipline of each window unit, the staff will be dealt with according to the relevant provisions.