Nanping Street Baima Community: “Camouflage green” escort “Wuling Red”

2022-08-16 0 By

Changde, March 28 (Correspondent Liu Lujun) Military insignia forever, party flag shining, a “here”, a lifetime.These days, in the nanping street White horse qingxiu community appeared a special figure, he wore camouflage hat, wearing red armor, shuttling in the building, knocking on door to door, registration of household information.He is everyone’s old acquaintance – nanping street white horse community retired cadres, retired soldier Zhang Aihua.After seeing the recruitment order for volunteers for the “Knock on door” campaign, he volunteered to participate in the “knock on door” campaign. Together with community cadres, he went to the door to check the queue, distributed the “Epidemic Prevention and Control Notification Letter”, asked basic information of family members, checked whether the double code was abnormal, and inquired about travel and vaccination status.Sometimes it may be necessary to knock on the door several times for a single resident, in order to ensure that “no one is missing, no one is missing”.Even young people are tired of the high-intensity task every day, but he has never thought of giving up.He often said: “I am a retired soldier let me up”, he also interpreted this sentence with his own actions.Since his retirement in 2016, he has devoted himself to volunteer service and joined more than 20 volunteer service teams. He is often seen in activities such as student assistance, disability assistance, epidemic prevention and control, and caring for left-behind children. He has accumulated more than 3,000 hours of public service, fully demonstrating his loyalty and devotion to the people as a “veteran”.In the “Knock at the door” campaign against the epidemic, Zhang Aihua perfectly demonstrated the responsibility and love of a former soldier with his practical actions, demonstrating the original aspiration of a former soldier to serve the people wholeheartedly and never fading from retirement. It is also a miniature of thousands of former soldiers fighting against the epidemic.