Guizhou “00 generation” young students with a smile warm winter Olympics

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In Zhangjiakou Area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, 139 volunteers from Guizhou Vocational And Technical College of Economy and Trade respectively served in the national Ski jumping Center, the National Biathlon Center, the National Cross-country ski Center and other venues, participating in venue services, logistics support and other work.According to Mo Yingzhuang, the leading teacher of Guizhou Vocational And Technical College of Economy and Trade, the average age of the volunteer team is 19 years old, and they are mainly responsible after 2000. It is the first time for the children to participate in international large-scale activities.”At that time, the rally was packed and everyone wanted to seize the precious opportunity.””I can’t believe it. I think it’s a dream. I’m going to the Winter Olympics.It’s also a test for my major course.”Liu Ning is working at the hotel catering for international officials and journalists, which tests her foreign language skills.In order to relieve the communication difficulties and anxious situation, I will “make up” the professional English words of catering every day.While paying hard, Liu Ning also harvested moved.”In a foreign land, it is your warm smile that melts away work fatigue.”She was pleasantly surprised and comforted by a letter of thanks from a Japanese journalist.Japanese reporter wrote a thank you letter for Liu Ning “so happy, no matter how hard it is, it is worth it.”Liu Ning said: “the front of the work is very difficult, behind the time is very fast, not willing to leave here.”The students’ hard work, Mo Yingzhuang see in the eye.Guizhou young students in the Winter Olympics exhibition style “Miss Mo, I miss my parents.On New Year’s Eve, Mo yingzhuang received a message from his students, saying that he would always accompany them.”It’s the first Spring Festival for the children. They are the best in my heart.”Yang Wei, a student from the Department of Tourism Management, is in charge of reception and service in the Chinese family lounge.”I had a bowl of dumplings and tangyuan for dinner.In the video, my family had dinner with me, cheering me on and being proud of me.”She said.Yang wei believes that volunteering for the Winter Olympics is a journey full of expectations and challenges. Although the work is intense, it represents the national image and requires dedication.Sometimes I was in a hurry, but the guests’ understanding and encouragement doubled my confidence.”Thanks to the Winter Olympics, let me grow up!””This is youth at its most beautiful.”Mo praised the students’ performance in the Winter Olympics.First instance: Cao Yi second instance: Lin Meng third instance: Wang Xingtao