“Grass pier pier son” come, have not been MOE to

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A panda with an ice shell went viral after the Winter Olympics opened.Originally looked at loggerheads ice mound mound move up immediately to make people feel lovely soft of ice mound mound on social networks quickly became make it popular surrounding the entire network break goods phenomenon not rob ice mound mound of netizens various ingenious methods have their own draw a out and weave a their own there is even a 3 d print can’t buy ice mound mound it doesn’t matter give you weave a town straw parkerThe “Bing Dwen Dwen” in Gebaihe town is made of grass.Its image is also very naive, online users affectionately called it “Caudun Dun”.The cute panda, which is woven using traditional straw weaving techniques, has gone viral after it was posted online.Auntie Zhu, the creator of caudun pier, told reporters that when the shape of the ice pier pier was released, he began to think about starting to weave “caudun pier”, after more than a month of efforts, caudun pier finally appeared in front of us.Baihe straw weaving was once the first of the “five unique” culture of Baihe, which was first brought from Guangdong by the Hakka people.From qing dynasty to 1990 s is the height of the straw hat and parker technology development, and straw hat sales of the most popular in the town of parker, at that time, large and small straw up to more than 100 production enterprises, annual output of 3 million pieces of straw hat and craft straw products above, output value of more than 10 million yuan, products are exported to Singapore, Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries.The traditional craft has not gone into decline. In 2009, Baihe straw weaving was included in the Intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan Province, and many local residents have been weaving straw since childhood.The showrooms of lihua Street community in Baihe Town are filled with all kinds of straw weaving works.In addition to “Caodun Dun”, Chengdu World Universiade mascot Rong Bao also appeared here, you can see its appearance and ice Dun Dun as very naive, head with two torch type ears, its author is also caodun Dun author Aunt Zhu.Aunt Zhu created a total of eight, because it is so cute, now there is only one.This group of bai he grass 嬢嬢 although most people have been over 50 years, but the enthusiasm of the grass is still not reduced, in Chengdu world university games is coming, they are also working hard, hope to show the grass again to the world stage.Source: Witness Longquanyi Editor: Longquanyi Disabled people’s Federation