“Dragon Lake Year of Light” sales center open!More than a million people witnessed TOD’s departure

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The first big crowd of 2022 kicks off in the sales center.Longhu TOD ship landing, instantly lit up the market.On February 19th, the sales center was grandly opened, and the 12-hour project conference was fascinating and popular.The sand table, the forum, surrounded by guests from all directions.This is undoubtedly a phenomenon of longhu conference demonstration.Amazingly, the popularity flow of the online product conference room harvested nearly a million views throughout the network, which touched the industry.In this millions of popularity of the release conference, shock appearance.Longhu once again introduced “TOD” and “Sky Street that changes a city” into Chengdu and brought them to the main axis of East Street, setting off a new topic storm.The emergence of city energy level is the focus city energy level and core competitiveness, which can be used to observe the baseline of urban development history.Throughout the hundreds of years of modern history, the ebb and flow of cities are always accompanied by the ups and downs of urban energy level and core competitiveness.It’s true in New York, it’s true in London, it’s true in Shanghai, and chengdu is no exception.As the key project of chengdu real estate market opening year in 2022, it is the product of the era that fully conforms to the high-level upgrade of the city.First of all, the TOD area of the School of Administration located on the main axis of East Street is undoubtedly the focus.Secondly, TOD has become an important path and support for urban construction, development and operation in China.Around the world, Shibuya Station in Tokyo and Kowloon Station in Hong Kong are examples of TOD.Focusing on China, longhu is the forerunner of TOD in China.In 2020, Longhu participated in the compilation of China’s first TOD standard — General Technical Specification for Urban Rail TOD Comprehensive Development Project and Evaluation Standard for Urban Rail TOD Comprehensive Development Project, and was the only development enterprise to participate in the compilation.In Chengdu, Longhu has successfully created TOD projects such as Xichen Tianjie, Shangcheng Tianjie and Binjiang Tianjie.Gradually, people find that TOD rail transit and public services have become the leverage of real estate value allocation.Every leap in urban development level will result in a landmark block, which is not TOD of school of Administration.As we know, longhu, who walks ahead of The Times, has always been sharp in vision.There are also three reasons why Longhu has placed the largest TOD here.One is the enormous potential of the Golden Triangle.Only when cities form linkage and strong combination can their development potential increase exponentially.The same is true for regional industry-city integration and coordination.Coincidentally, a golden triangle is formed between the TOD section of the School of Administration and the Area of PMC and The City. Through the effective connection and transformation of TOD, 6 stations can reach the City, 6 stations can reach PMC and 10 stations can reach Chunxi Road.The Golden Triangle promotes the upgrading of administrative school from “traffic core” to “urban core”.Second, the adsorption effect of population agglomeration.Nowadays, the trend and mode of the development of The Times have already turned from “urbanization of land” to “urbanization of people”.TOD, a school of administration positioned as a community of high-end people, takes on the important mission of settling high-end people and improving them.Here, there are hospitals, schools, shopping centers and other high-quality resources, attracting unlimited people to flock here.Development, expansion and perfection are the process from land to city.Now, people are also turning their attention to new areas.Many new areas have changed from the back garden to the new center of the city. Their special vitality and growth force have gradually formed a strong magnetic field, and more and more people and enterprises have taken root here.For TOD, the school of Administration, what “core support” can be turned into a strong vitality and growth force?First of all, we have to mention the main axis of urban development – East Street.On the main axis of this east street, new landmarks of the city keep rising, from IFS to 339, which is the cover of the city and the inevitable highland of the city value.Combined with the synergistic drive of Two high-end sectors, Pencheng Steel and The City, and TOD, a school of administration, this “Golden Triangle” with an almost equal distance of about 7km is bound to release infinite energy.From the point of view of transportation, the TOD planning of the integration of station and city of about 1305 mu makes the most specific development of super city in the eastern part of the city become a reality.In the era of TOD surging up, it is inevitable to be the first person to eat crab.From the point of view of business circle, the support of ito-Yokatang, Shimao Square and Tianjie three central business circles form a mature, high-quality, full-dimension business supporting coverage, which can siphon the surrounding population.What is important is that tianjie, which is about to land, will surely be a typical example of “Tianjie changes a city” under Longhu lake, and will be a strong driving force for the rise of the region.In the TOD plate of the School of Administration, we can also see: Shufeng 468, Longhu 180 meters super high tower, is responding to each other, to double skyrim landmark engine city cover;Chengdu’s only double West China configuration, bringing high-end living resources supporting full support;Surrounded by four parks, including Jade Park, Sansheng Township and Qinglong Lake Wetland Park, the city Center Park with an area of over 10,000 mu is the best practice area of Chengdu’s “Park City”.Therefore, no matter from the outside to the inside, or from the point to the surface, TOD of the School of Administration has really presented the interface and texture of the city, and the outline of a big city has long been clear.With the most scarce operation mode of “TOD+ Sky Street” and the ultimate product planning, it has become a prosperous city of its own.This big city, or a beyond longhu in the past, Chengdu in the sale of the largest area, the richest format of the super big city.Look carefully, – – villas, park compound courtyard and broad view courtyard;– Covering sky Street assets of about 180m, Star Commercial Block with one million passengers, and Capital Sky Street of about 140,000 tourists — a one-stop city of family trends and interests. The four bright business forms build a fully functional “four-dimensional” vertical metropolis.It is understood that the building area is about 120-142 square meters, the building area is about 128-147 square meters, the building area is about 180 square meters, the building area is about 30-60 square meters.In the product building, whether it is landscape or building facade or house type, are quite bright.For example, the project will create a forest island landscape with two axes and one ring, three gardens and one heart, and four theme scenes. The double ecological corridor and garden system will be integrated to create a forest island in the city, so that every owner will experience the tranquility and elegance of light courtyard when they return home.In the home scene, whether it is 6.6 meters wide 33 meters high gate kuo fu, or as high as 7 meters flowing waterfall, all highlight the style of everyone;There are dragon Lake Nebula xi Xi dream children’s paradise, the elderly pick up light garden and youth forest happy living space and other customized all-age social activity space.This time, tianjie asset will be launched to bring wealth and win-win investment opportunities.The small gold shop of the Sky Street is about 30-60 square meters, with a total price of about 500,000. It can support the whole business operation, share the ten billion passenger flow of the sky Street, attract a large number of people, and play hard core.The time has come to buy this mega-city early, so do it now.After all, like this set of bustling business, low density ecology, stand into one of the cover landmark city, in the market has been few.