Can only child parents retire in 2022 and get a 5% increase in their pension?The answer to the

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China’s birth rate has been on the decline, and the country has begun to encourage the two-child and three-child policy in order to revitalize the population.When these policies landed and instantly became a hot topic in the street, the pension issue has also been put back on the negotiating table.Go back to the 1960s and 1970s.The country was still advocating a one-child policy, which made one-child families the norm.Decades later, when they retire, the only child will have to take care of their parents.It is said that the parents’ favorite son is far-reaching, in order to reduce the trouble to the children, many people also look forward to the pension can realize multiple increases.So, many people are concerned about whether pensions will steadily rise by 5% in 2022.Speaking of pensions, we can review the history of pension reform.At first, pension refers to the pension payment given by the employer to employees aged 55 and 60.If they have outstanding achievements in their work, achieved certain grades or received some important honors, their retirement amount can become another significant figure.However, since 1992, employees’ contributions have been withheld from their wages until a certain number of years have passed before they can retire and receive a monthly pension.It was from this time that the pension was inevitably infected with the color of insurance.In general, the amount of pension security fund depends on factors such as the number of years of contribution, contribution index and the average salary of retirement.These days, however, they are judged on the same criteria, regardless of the type of work they do and the number of accolades they receive.This appears more fair and just to partial basic level retiree.In order to keep pace with The Times and better adapt to local conditions, each province will adjust the evaluation criteria according to its own actual situation.Compared with the past one-size-fits-all approach, this assessment is more human and pyrotechnic.Although these people have a large pension, it is difficult to ease the financial burden of the only child.For example, an average office worker can earn about 3,000 to 7,000 yuan, with little left after paying rent, basic living expenses and supporting parents.If both of them are only children, the couple needs to support four elderly people besides grandparents, which can be imagined how much pressure the “421” structure (namely, a couple with four elderly people, two only children and one child) will face.In the face of unknown risks, their risk resistance ability is also very small, basically can be ignored.This is worse for many poor families.So, on the question of whether parents of only children will get a 5% increase in their pension, the answer, unfortunately, is “no”.In fact, most parents of only children pay social security under the principle of “pay more, get more, pay longer, get more”.Do not believe the word, we can see personnel of a few rural areas and the pension treatment of retired enterprise worker respectively.First of all, in rural areas, farmers and employed personnel can receive a semi-annual pension subsidy amount of about 80 yuan, in part of the more developed areas, this figure can also reach more than 100 yuan.Secondly, as far as the retired employees of public institutions are concerned, their pension treatment will be a bit better than the former.Under normal circumstances, they can receive a lump sum subsidy ranging from 1000 to 5000.It is worth mentioning that ordinary employers and farmers do not have this.In Sichuan province, for example, they will evaluate it based on accumulated years.In general, the annual increase of 0.1 per cent is indexed into contributory wages.It would take 50 years of hard work to achieve a 5% increase.This is obviously unrealistic for most people.However, for the one-child family, the country will still introduce relevant care policies to tilt and “care”.For instance, unit of partial choose and employ persons also can undertake appropriate allowance on salary.In addition, some people will receive a higher level of incentive if they retire in the corporate sector.This is also a considerable “windfall”.But in any case, the pension system will change with the development of The Times, but the policy of helping parents with only child does not exist in the pension security fund.In other words, there is no single provision of assistance to make it easier for parents of only children.To sum up, the optimistic view is that with the national pooling of the endowment insurance system becoming a general trend, it will surely be recorded in the subsidies of the national health department, rather than the pension reward mentioned above.As a matter of fact, if the elderly are to be supported and supported, it needs the joint efforts of families, individuals and society.This is a very heavy social topic, but also a topic that needs to attract widespread attention.