Calculating Taiwan’s “gold and dollar diplomacy” this muddle: Green Camp to create an illusory goal, “everyone is acting”

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Editor’s Note: The central American country Guatemala spent money to lobby the United States, but it was Taiwan that paid the bill. The news that came out some time ago has updated the outside world’s understanding of the “gold and dollar diplomacy” of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Some French media called it a “bizarre” event.This is indeed rare in international exchanges, but if we sort out and explore the “diplomatic operations” of the Taiwan authorities, we will find that such “money throwing” activities are consistent with their “diplomatic routines”.A scholar familiar with the situation told the Global Times that green camp diplomats feel no psychological burden to spend money because they know that “everyone is acting” to create an illusory goal.The irony is that the price tag for this drama is getting higher, even as Taiwan’s foreign affairs authorities have repeatedly lost friends in recent years.In a rare move, The Associated Press reported in January that Guatemala hired Ballard, president of Ballard Partners and a key supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, to lobby U.S. government officials.”Most notably, the $900,000 fee was paid by Guatemala’s ‘friend’ Taiwan,” radio France Internationale commented. “This is a rather unusual lobbying contract.”Russia’s Sputnik news agency quoted legal experts as saying such an occurrence was “extremely rare.””Taiwan buys Guatemala’s loyalty at a hefty price,” the report commented.In a statement, the Guatemalan government thanked Taiwan for its “support.”Islanders attach the word “poison” to the US flag during an anti-Lesley pig protest in front of the headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party in Taipei.”The budget is completely legal and the implementation is in line with the local laws and regulations in the US,” Taiwan’s foreign affairs department said in response to the island people’s strong doubts.”In the past, Taiwan’s ‘gold and dollar diplomacy’ mainly consisted of hiring U.S. public relations firms to lobby U.S. officials and directly giving money to ‘diplomatic partners’ to consolidate friendship,” he said.Wang Jianmin, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of Taiwan Studies, told the Global Times, “This time it is a slightly different kind of ‘gold and yuan diplomacy’ that links’ diplomatic partners’ with the US.”Mr. Wang said it is common practice for Taiwan to spend a lot of money to hire U.S. lobbying groups, mainly by conducting so-called ‘academic exchanges’ through public relations firms and academic institutions, and then identifying and recruiting people it can use.This is not the only diplomatic controversy the DPP administration has been embroiled in recently.Also in January, Taiwan was under fire for accepting a shipment of Lithuanian rum at a high price that was rejected by The mainland.Taiwan’s Union Daily commented that the DPP is packaging products not accepted by the Mainland as so-called “democratic goods” and forcing public institutions to “eat” them, which will affect the sales of other alcoholic drinks.Another Taiwanese scholar vividly described the incident as “diplomatic drunkard”, lambasting the DPP for using money for economic development for “gold and dollar diplomacy”.A little further back, in late November and early December last year, riots in the Solomon Islands captured the world’s attention.An article in the Solomon Star, a leading Local English-language newspaper, said Taiwan had quietly encouraged Maletta to challenge the central Solomon Islands government, providing financial support to the province’s governor and conducting anti-China propaganda there, which were key factors in the unrest.The article denounced the destruction as “premeditated and cold-blooded”.Similarly, a December report in the Us magazine The Diplomat, entitled “Taiwan must avoid adding fuel to the Fire”, exposed the previous campaign of money by Taiwan’s foreign ministry against the Solomon Islands.”It is nothing new for the DPP authorities to spend huge sums of money and become a ‘victory’ to seek international independence for political gain.”At a press conference on January 26, Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said, “All the money spent is the hard-earned money of the People of Taiwan. It is a real ‘money diplomacy’ and ‘success diplomacy’, which not only makes people laugh, but also harms the interests and well-being of the Taiwan people.”In recent years, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has suffered many diplomatic failures, but the status of Taiwan’s foreign affairs department has not been shaken.A global Times reporter combed through relevant documents and found that Taiwan’s foreign affairs department has a budget of 29.3 billion yuan (NT $) for 2022.Further back, from 2016 to 2021, the department’s budget is 22.46 billion yuan, 22.45 billion yuan, 24.77 billion yuan, 24.68 billion yuan, 26.83 billion yuan and 28.17 billion yuan, respectively.That is to say, after the DPP took office, Taiwan’s foreign affairs budget showed a rising trend.”The foreign affairs department has always had a big say in Taiwan’s bureaucracy.”In Taiwan authorities within the system work in the past 25 years, a former “government information” in Toronto isd first secretary of anes told the global times reporter, “after the kuomintang retreated to Taiwan, to rely on a lot of foreign aid, especially in America, so it’s really important to foreign affairs, mostly done by executives cronies.Foreign affairs work is also professional and relatively closed.”Guo said Taiwan’s internal affairs department does not get a word in on “diplomatic” matters, and often takes “diplomatic priority” in disputes with foreign affairs departments over work content and funding.He said that under Chiang Kai-shek, Taiwan’s diplomacy at the United Nations basically relied on “buying”. After being expelled from the United Nations, Taiwan did not engage in “gold diplomacy” for a period of time. “Ironically, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which slammed the” gold diplomacy “in the past, now spends more money to please the United States.”Familiar with the cross-strait issue of wuhan university scholar Li Baiyang told the global times reporter said that the foreign affairs department is the democratic progressive party (DPP) authorities to carry out the policy of “Taiwan independence” in the international space main executor, its head is the “national security” policy makers, often by the close of the democratic progressive party (DPP) leaders, in order to ensure the department to serve the leader’s personal will.Because of this, Taiwan’s foreign affairs department has a strong ability to coordinate its budget and actions.”In addition, the biggest external support for the ‘Taiwan independence’ forces is a small number of politicians from the United States, Japan and European countries, and Taiwan’s foreign affairs department undertakes the function of linking up with these politicians and establishing close interests with them,” he said.”Whether they are making trouble in the international community or running away in the future, the personnel in foreign affairs departments will have priority in using the ‘back door’,” Li said.In the interview, the scholar also referred to the “secret budget” of Taiwan’s foreign affairs department, saying it has “ample pockets” because there is no supervision over how the money is used, funneled to politicians in relevant countries and regions, or how it falls into their own officials’ pockets.The so-called “secret budget” has long been the name of the foreign affairs department of Taiwan.Guo told the Global Times that the money included in the “secret budget” is rarely audited, and is at most ambiguously spent by the “legislative yuan”.”The secret budget is to satisfy the blackmail of others and satisfy the demands of other countries on the Taiwan authorities.”Lin Yu-fang, a former lawmaker, lamented in 2019 that the DPP administration continued to suffer “severance”, but the “secret budget” more than doubled after taking office — the cost rose from about 450 million yuan in 2017 to 1.57 billion yuan in 2018.The “confidential budget” for 2022 amounts to $1.29 billion.”This is the embodiment of the DPP administration’s stubborn confrontation with the mainland and adherence to the ‘Taiwan independence line’,” he said.”This also shows that the DPP authorities have been under great pressure in the international space in recent years and have to step up efforts to expand the so-called international space by spreading currency,” Li baiyang told the Global Times. “In the final analysis, the ‘Taiwan independence’ forces are still at war.”In the end, more than 23 million Taiwanese people will be hurt.””From the facts disclosed, the Taiwan authorities’ money ‘way can be described as full of tricks.”Li baiyang told the Global Times that the primary method is to cultivate a group of pro-Taiwan politicians by channelling their interests to important figures, their families and their companies.Taiwan authorities will also buy media, think tanks, etc and “feeding”, or some dedicated to penetrate the nongovernmental organizations, international organizations, some outside funding, for its specific operating mode including political contributions, hire lobby, buy “fundraising meal vouchers”, for entertainment travel, etc.”We were trying to get important foreign journalists to come and visit Taiwan, and their trips were all free of charge.””Guo said, recalling his experience working in the Executive Yuan information Bureau.”Transit diplomacy” is also a common tactic used by Taiwan authorities to win over US officials, wang said, adding that they meet in various fields and at various levels at random times and places.”But ‘gold and dollar diplomacy’ is often done in the dark.”Wang told the global times “reporter, said the news would have been exposed, because there are some countries require lobbying firm public financial records, or some of Taiwan’s” friends “in officialdom of the interests of disputes, the latter reflects the fact that the Taiwan authorities to send the money did not play a good role, become the foreign politics appears instead one cause of the mess,”Therefore, Taiwan’s ‘gold and dollar diplomacy’ was once considered to be one of the serious factors causing corruption in Central American countries.”Guo told reporters that in addition to money, Taiwan’s “diplomats” will also favor “friends”.”For example, in the 1960s and 1970s, when the head of an African country visited Taiwan, he saw a civilian woman living in Kaohsiung and wanted to marry her. Taiwan’s foreign affairs department tried to persuade her to marry her.But when she returned to Taiwan, the Chiang family would not let Soong Meiling pick up a civilian girl at the airport. The ‘Chief of protocol’ and his wife went to meet her.”In order to maintain the illusion, “everyone is acting” and “paying money to help Guatemala get closer to the United States.” Is this “legitimate” in the eyes of the DPP?”Of course, the DPP is eager to do these things,” Mr. Guo said. “It would enhance relations with the countries concerned, and the other side would not actively announce to the outside world, ‘I took Taiwan’s money.'”In Li Baiyang’s opinion, the core of the SO-CALLED “expanding international space” of the DPP authorities is to engage in confrontation with the mainland, and its operation mode contains many characteristics: dirty means, bribery, bribing, transfer of interests and other incidents emerge one after another;The cost is extremely high. Whether it is to buy outdated weapons, or to fund lobbying companies and anti-China politicians, it has formed a situation of “regular bloodletting”, and “all-out diplomacy” has become a “ATM” for the “Taiwan independence” forces and their international gangs.For DPP diplomats, there is no psychological burden to spend big.Guo said that even if the budget is not a “secret budget”, there will be no substantive evaluation mechanism for the effect of the budget.”The reason is very simple. No matter at the top of the DPP authorities or the ‘diplomats’, we all know that maintaining’ diplomatic relations’ is just a matter of face and may not be able to be maintained.From spending to auditing, ‘diplomacy’ is a mess, and everyone is acting to create an illusory goal and maintain an illusion.”Because of this, he argues, Taiwanese “diplomats” spend money without worrying about whether they will be punished in case the money is not spent as intended.But it is worth noting that in the event of a major setback, those involved can be used as scapegoats.”What is more frightening is that in the case of astrazeneca vaccines, nuclear food from Japan and expensive alcohol from Lithuania, the DPP has no bottom line at the expense of the interests of the island’s people in order to please ‘international friends’.”Li Baiyang said.Wang told the Global Times that almost all departments of the Taiwan authorities are working to “expand the international space” and the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) has been trumpeting the so-called “diplomatic breakthrough”, but its attempt to change Taiwan’s international status is impossible to achieve.”Whether Taiwan can obtain appropriate international space depends on whether cross-Straits relations can be improved and developed. ‘Gold and yuan diplomacy’ will not change the international community’s perception of Taiwan and adherence to the One-china principle.”‘Only under the One-China framework can Taiwan’s space for international exchanges develop,’ wang said. ‘Ignoring principles and blindly forming’ cliques’ will only intensify cross-Straits confrontation. ‘Li baiyang also said that for Taiwan, structured international exchanges should be under the premise of the One-China principle, and Beijing should make proper arrangements for its participation in international organizations and activities. “This will not only help Taiwan people save astronomical diplomatic expenses, but also enable The Taiwan region to truly benefit from international exchanges.”