Zhang Jie Xie na just statement: slander

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Recently, an article about “star Zhang Jie and xie Na couple buy a real estate in Shanghai, but jump out of the single” on the Internet ferment, caused the concern of netizens.Just now, Xie Na zhang Jie’s lawyer issued a statement in response, saying: Mr. H fabricated facts, mentioned “jump orders”, “threats” and other false information has been suspected of slander, at the same time, his candid photos and release of personal privacy and other acts of infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of the parties;The article “Xie Na, Zhang Jie jump single, the threat of the intermediary infected with COVID-19” seriously deviates from the objective facts.The lawyer has been entrusted to bring the case to judicial proceedings, and reserves the right to pursue other legal actions against the incident, the people involved and the relevant social accounts and platforms.In articles circulating online, a real estate agent surnamed H claimed that Zhang Jie and Xie Na visited the house twice under his supervision on June 21 and 22, 2019, and then stopped buying it because they didn’t like it, but H later found out that they had actually bought the house over him.The agent said he would now take legal measures to protect his rights, or Sue Ms Zhang.Lawyer: whether a “jump” should be considered in Beijing jingshi partner at law firm LeiGuo says, as prescribed in article nine hundred and sixty-five of the civil code, the client after accept agent services, use of intermediaries provide trading opportunities or intermediary services, bypass intermediaries directly enter into a contract, shall pay the remuneration to the broker.This means that if the buyer accepts the intermediary services after jumping, the need to pay the corresponding intermediary fees as usual.But by “direct contract”, it means that the parties are dealing directly, without any intermediary.In reality, sellers usually entrust their houses to multiple agents for listing. If buyers use another agent with lower fees and better services to facilitate the sale, it does not constitute a “jump”.LeiGuo said, buyers in the process of purchase, in the absence of relevant agreement, even if the mediation with related building, but still have the opportunity to seek other proper channels to get the same housing information, and have the right to choose lower quotation, service better mediation to conclude the transaction, does not constitute a “jump” to default.Lei Guo ya expresses, happening “jump sheet” after, although “jump sheet” behavior is maintained by the court, intermediary presses “see a house affirmatory book” the standard advocates that the person that buy a house compensates intermediary fee of sum, also be supported by sum very hard.Jumping orders generally occur before signing the contract. If the intermediary claims the full intermediary service fee, it is difficult to get legal support.Source: News morning editor: Zhen Ruowen recited: Lai Ting audit: Zhang Jiawei just!Make history!Another one, announce a price cut!Hanzhong urgent search for a close connection!Domestic city intersection into a red light advertising business cooperation: 18691889892