This shopping APP leads to a gambling site!

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“Top up, you can participate in the guessing contest, make no loss!””This game guess ‘lying tiger’, guaranteed to win.”In the wechat group, the “god of gambling” is “guiding” customers to place their bets, and the customers think that winning is by luck is actually a bigger “trap”…On February 25 this year, Jiangyin City people’s Procuratorate in Jiangsu Province to the crime of fraud song Mou bing, Song Mou Yang and other three defendants filed a public prosecution, the rest of the 8 suspects are still in the further review of prosecution.Can shopping apps still make money?In August 2020, Mr. Chen in Jiangyin added a wechat account named “Happy Paradise”, the other party invited Mr. Chen to join an investment project, and sent the investment income chart every day.Mr. Chen ignored him.In July 2021, “Happy Paradise” pulled Mr. Chen into an investment wechat group, “thank you, ‘god’, follow you can really make a lot of money!”The group often flash “success in making money” chat quotes, unavoidably moved Mr. Chen private chat with a few group friends, was told a lot of income.Under the guidance of the group owner, Chen quickly downloaded the “X Buy” APP (pseudonym) and completed the registration.After opening the interface, Chen found that the APP was a shopping platform, and he wondered if shopping apps could also make money.He first completes a certain amount of recharge on the platform according to the steps, and then buys a commodity at will on the APP. After clicking, an interface pops up on the platform and asks him to choose “lying tiger” or “Hidden Dragon”.”They told me that if I made the right choice, my money in the platform would increase accordingly, and if I made the wrong choice, my money would disappear.”Mr. Chen appealed to the “big god”, according to the guidance, he did not win money, but one after another lost more than 200,000 yuan.In August 2021, Sensing fraud, Mr. Chen reported the case to the Jiangyin Public Security Bureau.”Great god” entrapment victim bet very fast, public security mechanism locked the fraud gang that heads with song Mou soldier, Song Mou Yang, capture gang member in one after another.In March 2021, Song Mou Bing and Song Mou Yang conspired to contact a network technology Co., Ltd. by Song Mou Yang to customize the “X Buy” platform APP at the price of 50,000 yuan, which is an APP that looks like a network mall, providing goods and services such as red wine and white tea. The only difference is that when users buy goods after recharge in the mall,Will jump out of a “hidden dragon” or “lying tiger” selection interface, and lottery activities.This is actually a gambling site.According to Song Mou Yang account, the administrator account can clearly see the user’s recharge, gambling situation, for more convenient control of winning and losing results, they require the development company staff to set up the background can artificially modify the lottery results.On January 25 this year, the case was transferred to the procuratorial organ for examination and prosecution.It was found that the gang was divided into boss, agent, salesman and other levels from top to bottom, and each member had his own business code.Among them, Song Mou Yang, Song mou bing department boss, the former is responsible for docking with the software company behind the scenes, the lease server, the latter is responsible for the specific command of the implementation of fraud, docking agent;The agent is responsible for using the agent account, recruiting and training salesmen, purchasing work mobile phones and wechat, posing as “great gods” in wechat group to lure victims into betting, and modifying the APP background lottery results;The salesman is responsible for identifying and luring the victims into committing the fraud.”Backstage, do you want to let you win to win” Song Mou Yang replacement, in order to increase the user trust, Internet chat tools such as salesman use WeChat by the victim, using a false profit decoy and pull the victim to detail the letter group of images, then played by agents within the group of “god”, issued false profit picture, released at the same time in the same group salesman foil “god”,They lied that they could make money steadily as long as they bought with “Daishen”, so as to attract the victims to download “X Buy” APP and recharge their money to bet.In order to attract users, will deliberately let the small win a few, after users bet heavily, the agent through the background to modify the lottery results, set up the lottery results in advance to guide the victim to reverse bet, so as to defraud the victim of money.”You win when the backstage wants you to win.Even winning money doesn’t go into your pocket that easily.”Users who win money on the platform and want to withdraw money have to go through Song’s background review, which is often rejected.In order to improve the reliability of “Daishen”, the salesman will send a fake message to the group with the pre-made withdrawal amount to the account. After this operation, many customers will believe it is true and follow the bet.From June to October 2021, the fraud group used the above methods to cheat more than 10 victims of a total of MORE than 430,000 yuan.On February 25, the Jiangyin People’s Procuratorate prosecuted the three defendants for fraud.Police remind: Internet gambling is illegal and criminal behavior, compared with the traditional gambling is higher and more confusing and concealment of the network gambling harm is bigger, the broad masses of netizens to improve certain discrimination and vigilance, do not easily open point of unknown origin site, don’t take chances more addicting gambling, lose everything just for a moment.Source: Hechuan Politics and Law