The eastern and southern parts of the Northwest will see widespread rain and snow

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China News on February 6According to the website of the National Meteorological Center, the depth of snow in parts of eastern Qinghai, Eastern Gansu and central Tibet was 1 to 7 centimeters as of 7 PM, with 13 to 17 centimeters in Haixi of Qinghai and Dingxi of Gansu, and 66 centimeters in Nyalam of Xizang.Under the combined influence of cold and warm air, a new round of rain and snow is expected to hit the eastern and southern parts of northwest China from May 6 to 7.There was freezing rain in eastern Guizhou and western Hunan.Among them, it is expected that from 8 o ‘clock on February 6 to 8 o ‘clock on February 7, parts of southeast Shaanxi, southeast Henan, west and north Hubei, northwest Hunan, central Anhui and other places have heavy snow, among them, southwest Hubei, Dabie mountain area of Anhui and other local areas have heavy snow.The depth of new snow in some of the above areas was 3 to 6 centimeters, and local areas could reach more than 10 centimeters.To this end, the Central Meteorological Observatory on February 6 at 6 o ‘clock continue to issue a blue blizzard warning.From 8 o ‘clock on February 6 to 8 o ‘clock on February 7, some areas in eastern Gansu, eastern and southern Ningxia, western and southern Shaanxi, southern Henan, northern Guizhou, Hubei, northern Hunan, most of Anhui, northern Jiangxi, south-central Jiangsu, northwestern Zhejiang and other places have moderate to snow or sleet, among which,There was heavy snow (10 ~ 13 mm) in some areas in the southwest of Hubei province and dabie Mountain area of Anhui Province.Moderate rain hit parts of southern Guizhou, south-central Hunan, south-central Jiangxi, most of Guangxi and northern Guangdong, with heavy rain (25-45 mm) in parts of central and northeastern Guangxi.February 7 to 8 August 8, southern hetao area of Inner Mongolia, qinghai, eastern northwest, west of huanghuai, jianghuai most, most of jianghan, places such as northern jiangnan parts have small to moderate snow or sleet, among them, the central and southern anhui, southern jiangsu, eastern hubei, large parts of northern jiangxi and other places have to blizzard (10 ~ 14 mm).Light to moderate rain was seen in most parts of the South Of the Yangtze River, the eastern part of the southwest and parts of South China, with heavy rain (25 to 35 mm) in eastern Jiangxi, most of Zhejiang, northwestern Fujian and northwestern Guangdong.The southern Xinjiang Basin and other parts of Xinjiang have 4 ~ 6 force winds.Light snow fell in parts of northeastern Inner Mongolia, northwestern Heilongjiang, southern and western Qinghai, central Anhui, northern Western Sichuan Plateau and northwestern Yunnan from 8 o ‘clock on February 8 to 8 o ‘clock on February 9.Light rain will hit most of the South of the Yangtze River, central and western Chongqing, southwest Guizhou and most of south China.