The Mansau Village Committee will ban straw burning

2022-08-15 0 By

On the morning of January 28, meng Mixed town agricultural comprehensive service center straw burning working group 2 people (Xiaosanlu, Yang Hongbin) to the Village committee to promote straw burning policy, strengthen straw burning prevention and control.The participants have meng Mixed town agricultural comprehensive service center staff, man sweep village committee team members, each group leader and accounting, a total of 42 people, activities by man sweep village committee secretary Yu Kang Kan presided over.In order to further implement the work of straw burning prohibition, strengthen the responsibility of straw burning prohibition, earnestly implement the requirements of superior departments, towns, village committees and village cadres as grid responsible persons.To “strive not to a fire, do not smoke a wisp of smoke” for the goal.Conscientiously carry out straw burning every day.At the meeting, Xiaosanlu publicized the policy of straw burning prohibition, explained the importance of straw burning prevention and control, stressed that the leaders of the village committee and village cadres should set an example, and the cadres of each group went to each village to publicize and do a good job of straw burning prevention and control;Second, rural cleaning, pesticide waste and garbage in the field to clean up;Third, publicizing policies related to “non-agricultural and non-food conversion”.Fourth, to emphasize the matters needing attention in preparing crops for cultivation and planting;Fifth, introduce crop interplanting food projects.Finally, the secretary of Mansau Village Committee stressed that the implementation of straw burning ban is related to people’s well-being, and health and safety is an important measure to build a beautiful home with green mountains and clear waters. All village groups should promote straw burning ban in an orderly and high-quality way.Emphasize village group cadre to village group should convey meeting spirit seriously.(Written by Xiao Sanlu, proofread by Li Yong, reviewed by Yang Kaizhong)