Sinoenergy Culture And Tourism City cooperation signing

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On February 12th, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement of China Energy Cultural Tourism City (tentative name) project was held in Yulin.Based on the successful building of the cultural innovation Park in the early stage, CNP coal Field and Yulin Culture and Tourism co., Ltd. cooperated to build the Project again, using the land of Yuyang Mine inclined shaft Industrial Square and CNP New Village, which was closed due to the policy of CNP coal Field and rebuilt in other places, and integrating the available land around it.Yulin Municipal Standing Committee, publicity Department minister Zeng Dechao, Chinese Academy of Arts Cultural And creative Center director Jiang Haoyang, Yulin Culture and Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Yang Shufa, Shaanxi Mining Company Deputy Secretary Lin Baozhong, Shaanxi Mining Company deputy general manager Wu Wenliang, Yulin Energy Bureau deputy Director Gao Xu and other leaders attended the event.Dang Yaming, chairman of Shaanxi Zhongneng Coal Field Co., Ltd. and Li Jun, chairman and general manager of Shaanxi Wentou Group Yulin Culture and Tourism Company signed the contract on behalf of both parties.The project covers an area of more than 3,000 mu with a total investment of over 2.7 billion YUAN. It will adopt the mode of “industry + cultural tourism +N” to carry out overall planning, scientific layout and phased development.Recently, with the concept of “industry + cultural tourism + Big Health + Aolai”, China Energy Industry Theme Park, Yulin Energy Science and Technology Museum, China Energy Recreation Base, Airport Aolai Hot Spring Town, Yulin Aquarium, Yuwu Green Space Park, six featured cultural tourism projects have been created.In the long term, it will also face sports tourism, cultural tourism, science and technology tourism, ecological living and other business forms to create a cultural tourism city, vibrant city, smart city, future city, become a new name card of Yulin city, drive the development of Yulin cultural tourism industry, and boost Yulin to become a leader of high-quality development of resource-based cities.The landing of ZHONGnENG Cultural Tourism City makes “industry meets art” become a reality in Yulin, realizing the magnificent transformation of “rust” of industrial ruins into “show” of ecological cultural tourism, which will add new highlights for the development of Yulin cultural tourism industry.The culture brand of CNP will be integrated with the culture tourism, and the art palace of the culture tourism will be integrated with CNP, which will jointly activate the vitality of CNP culture tourism city and create a vibrant culture tourism city.11△ ZHONGnENG Cultural And Creative Industry Park 01 ZhongnENG Industrial Theme Park The Theme park is built on the former coal mine inclined shaft industrial Square, covering an area of about 500 mu.While preserving the memory of industrial cultural sites, creative design, transformation and utilization of industrial resources such as underground inclined shafts, coal preparation buildings and machine repair workshops were carried out.To build a large industrial heritage cultural theme park, including geological exploration experience, silo hotel, industrial style catering street, railway garden, industrial exhibition and experience hall, development training, children’s amusement park, container camp and other businesses.Yulin Energy Science and Technology Museum is located close to CNG owner’s Theme Park, covering an area of about 86 mu.Plan to strive to form a complete set by the government, common implementation.While popularizing the history and culture of energy technology and industrial development, VR and holographic projection will be used to enrich the interactive experience and build a national benchmark energy technology experience venue integrating conventional energy, new energy, popular science education and technology experience.CNP Health Care Base will be built on xincun logistics production Base, covering an area of about 228 mu.In the future, it will make full use of the existing buildings for transformation and upgrading and functional implantation, and build a health check and recuperation center in cooperation with professional health management institutions for the recuperation group of employees of Yulin industrial and mining enterprises and the needs of urban public health physiotherapy.At the same time, the undeveloped land resources will be utilized to build a low-density garden health community for people who advocate healthy life, including low-density garden office area, health care and green ecological research academic area and other property forms.Outlets Hot Spring Resort Town is planned to be located in the northeast of the recreation base, and 300 mu of land will be newly acquired for development and construction. It is mainly composed of outlets shopping town, gourmet shopping street and Sand Bay Hot Spring Hotel.After the completion of the project, it will not only be an important part of the cultural tourism, business, entertainment and leisure functions of the future airport ecological zone, but also become an important business card of Yulin and shaanxi, Shanxi, Mongolia and Gansu provinces.05 yulin aquarium yulin Marine park near ole spa town, planning new purchase 150 acres of land for development and construction, hydron polar Ocean Park plan and well-known brand cooperation, to create sets of Marine science popularization and entertainment, parent-child interaction, such as sea theme hotel as one of the world-class large Marine world, to be a regional parent-child travel detonation products.Yu Wu Greenland Sculpture Park yu Wu Greenland Sculpture Park is close to Yu Wu Road, covering an area of about 360 mu, and is intended to be supported by the government and jointly implemented.Combining green ecology with elegant sculpture and art installations, the park will create a sculpture theme park with ecological leisure, sculpture art, entertainment and tourism functions, and become the “green lung” of CNIC Tourism City.