Richard analyzes THE direction of DC, black Adam is literary, pattinson shows affinity

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The Hollywood reporter, “the commentator Richard analysis the direction of the DC, the new” batman “entered the promotion process, many people think that the direction of the DC working group is not clear, although the work of the heat is very high, but everyone on the DC universe movie to more and more fuzzy, many people are looking forward to the black Adam could make super hero series turn things around.Richard analyzes this: Black Adam is literary.Dwayne Johnson stars in movies with a sense of power, and fans can agree that black Adam has a sense of power without a doubt.Before the series was even filmed, DC fans said, “If Zomi Hilla adds a little bourgeois flair to the series, maybe Black Adam could be warner’s masterpiece.”The so-called xiaozi sentiment is artistic, which is what DC comics movies need to have.Many people can’t associate literary sense with Dwayne Johnson, so when the Black Adam feature film didn’t come out, people predicted that the series would look like the Hulk or she-Hulk.Of course, Marvel and DC studios are heading in different directions, and even with the best of luck for DC Studios, the studio has not been able to pull off a Captain America-level production at this particular time, but the fact that people are pinning their hopes on Black Adam is a sign of the gap between fans’ expectations and the studio’s real strength.The artistic color can make up the gap. Richard analyzed that the film may have some artistic atmosphere, after all, the director Hilla advocates the artistic film, so the film critic gave the analysis.Pattinson is one of the more controversial figures in the batman reboot, and the lead actor is emblemof where DC is heading at this stage.Richard gives his verdict — Pattinson shows likeability.It’s easy for a good Mesozoic actor to show his affinity. After all, Pattinson specializes in mystery films and art-house movies, and he’s an expert at portraying his characters’ emotions.But Richard points out that affinity is something that DC Universe movies have long neglected.The traditional superhero is defined in Hollywood as a symbol of strength, a feeling of being above the crowd, a character who can defend the planet and protect humanity, that’s what the traditional hero is about.The original Superman and Batman were both in this genre, and with the exception of DC’s older characters, Marvel’s original heroes are pretty much the same.As The Times have changed and the market has become more competitive, the creators of comic book movies have learned that people have different ideas about heroes — heroes are human characters and people like to see them grow into heroes.When Richard analyzed THE direction of DC, he always emphasized the audience’s aesthetic and social events, leading to the change of superhero series, which is the particularity of the universe film.Suspense films or science fiction (fantasy), for example, are less influenced by The Times.Matt Reeves recognizes that superheroes need to change, but Batman is too modern for the series to make big strides, and Pattinson’s affinity is what sets him apart from his Co-stars.So Richard thinks Pattinson’s affinity might be the hallmark of the new Batman.As for the growth factor, I think both Marvel and DC have been talking about it for a long time, but the only truly successful teen hero seems to be the Dutch version of Bug.Tom Holland’s involvement in “Spider-Man” yielded unexpected results, and Warner saw the benefits of a popular icon in a cosmic movie.Richard says the success of Bug may also be the reason DC Studios wanted Pattinson — although he has outgrown the teen idol category, he still has a youthful vibe that helps Batman transform into something else.So Richard acknowledges that pattinson is a transitional lead, regardless of whether the new Batman film is a box office or ratings success, and that this is the most important part of his analysis of the direction of DC.In the critic’s view, “Black Adam” is literary, which shows that Warner is good at finding the right balance.Even though Black Adam hasn’t aired yet, the series is already in a lot of different ways — Dwayne Johnson’s physique is a point of discussion, and Sierra has to neutralize that power with other elements, and literary color is what neutralizes that power.In the case of Peacemaker, DC’s direction at this stage is consistent with tradition, and Richard says it’s not appropriate for Warner to “go too big” and that the studio is still in the process of completing the scale of its development at this particular time.In Richard’s view, Black Adam has a literary touch, which is an important sign of DC superhero development.