Returning home for Chinese New Year

2022-08-15 0 By

Returning home for the Spring Festival epidemic prevention ban “layer by layer”!The Joint prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council on Wednesday reiterated its requirements for implementing the epidemic prevention policy, which can be summarized as “five prohibitions”.Travel restrictions shall not be expanded at will;The scope of travel restrictions shall not be extended from medium and high risk areas to the local cities and provinces;People returning from low-risk areas shall not be forced to return or quarantined in a centralized manner.The period of centralized quarantine observation and home health monitoring shall not be arbitrarily extended.According to the requirements, local governments should not only implement epidemic prevention measures in a scientific and precise way, but also show warmth to the people, solve practical difficulties, and resolutely prevent “simplification” and “one-size-fits-all”.The NHC has set up a message board on its official website on the way home during the Spring Festival, where people can report problems they have encountered on their way home. The Comprehensive team under The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism will earnestly verify and urge rectification.Producer: Wu Huanqing Reporter: Dong Ruifeng, Li Heng Design: Qiao Xin Xinhua News Agency domestic production (source: Xinhua News Agency)