China’s five domestic cars, once listed, really no joint venture car what matter?

2022-08-15 0 By

At present, in our daily life, we believe that the use of cars has been very frequent, and even the average family will have a car.Up to now, there have been many brands and many types in the automobile industry, but the well-known Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota are not domestic brands in China.And for a long time, China’s domestic cars are under the joint brand, but in these days, the situation has changed a lot, especially under the constant development of the automobile industry in our country, many like changan, byd type of domestic car brands has slowly rise, is to break the original you domestic impression,The status of domestic cars is also rapidly improving.Take the next five Chinese cars for example. Once they hit the market, there will be no such thing as a joint venture car, just looking at their appearance level is really amazing.The first model is the Tank 800 in the Shanghai International Auto Show in 2021. After the independence of the tank brand, two new models were unexpectedly unveiled in this auto show, including the Tank 800.The performance of this model is very bullish on all central mesa in the front row, it is equipped with the LCD panel and large size of the navigation screen, besides in the car door and conceal the real wood strips, including the velvet material package, up and down in the details, on the seats are comfortable and even beyond the world-class large car brand.And the V6 engine in this car can reach 260kW output power, and there is a hybrid version, can greatly reduce fuel data, achieve kinetic energy recovery.Dragon playing in the second paragraph is the Great Wall is the same in 2021 with a new car in the Shanghai auto show, on the front it is adopted by the new modelling design, including the front grille for tusks modelling, even with a diversion on the engine cover mouth shape, the modelling of the whole car looks very wild and modelling design and its frontier, has distinct types of sports car.At the same time, the chassis has been upgraded for shock absorbability, raising the height by two inches, and equipped with off-road wheels. It has a sharp edge in overall shape, but also texture, with a maximum 190 horsepower engine.The third model is BYD X Dream, also known as “Sea Lion”, which also has a very strong sense of science fiction in its overall shape. A large central control screen is placed in the center of the central console, and small screens are equipped on both sides.On the side of the body, it has lines is flat, appear more composed air, in the forefront of the design of the door more, frameless and to open the door design, view from the whole design concept, the relatively low-key appearance, but in the use of various performance is extremely brings a big surprise.The fourth model is The Tank 700, whose overall appearance is more mechanized with the diamond-shaped body design. In contrast, its classic round headlights deepen the design language structure of the tank family.In the body structure, it has a non – bearing chassis and five – door body structure.It also has a bright spot, is in the interior decoration of the layout is very luxurious, although the same four-seat layout, but it also has a seat on the back leg support and independent central armrest, and even has a LCD entertainment screen, can provide a very comfortable ride experience.The fifth is the red Flag L series of large luxury car this car is expected to be officially unveiled in 2022, in its net design, using a very exaggerated straight waterfall type chrome grille, in the overall design contains some Bentley models, at the same time in detail is also very delicate.In the overall design of the vehicle for streamline setting, the body adopts two-color design, taillight design has a high recognition, compared with the same type of vehicle is more exaggerated and amazing.The above are 5 domestic new cars, which are excellent models in China’s domestic cars. They have greater diversity in both types and performance, and even in some aspects, China’s domestic cars can do better than some large foreign brands.This and our country in the early years the level of the production car is completely different, believe that the new domestic cars in our country, will make other countries to our country automobile manufacturing industry sit up and take notice, have to say that in shape their levels is really unique in appearance, in addition to the pass at the appearance level, these a few domestic models on the use of performance does not fall,It also has a very high ride comfort.That is, they well show the great progress of our domestic cars in these years, and break through the impression of domestic cars in the past.Do not know whether we look forward to the listing of these models?