30+ women wear coat, how to choose inside?3 skills 6 sets of collocation, elegant and stylish

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The coat sheet of autumn and winter season gives us enough confidence and sense of security to resist cold and warm.With coat styles 'Increase, color is rich, such a simple coat sheet, combination of different types of internal take, gradually become the preferred model of the fashion list.1, coat + shirt practical and versatile coat is a necessary fashion item in our wardrobe, which can last for three seasons. It is thinner than down jacket, and warmer than windbreaker. Wearing it has a feeling of walking with wind, which is definitely the temperament of autumn and winter.Although the current coat design is novel and unique, but the version is mostly loose in the long style, the body is very inclusive, can play to cover the meat show thin elongated line effect, no matter what figure can pick their favorite coat.With jeans to match, you can weaken the mature temperament of the long coat. A camel coat is folded with a long cardigan of the same color, paired with a light blue jeans with holes, which is casual and yet capable. A pair of snakeskin shoes creates a fashionable style of retro and spontaneous for the whole.2, coat + sweater coat season, want to make your coat collocation more colorful, in addition to pick a suit for their own body type of coat, the choice of inside is often more test your taste.The turtleneck sweater has always been the most elegant classic coat to show temperament, warm and elegant coexist said it.Is alleged detail decides success or failure, inside build did not wear pair, again beautiful again expensive coat also is waste.Tie-in coat, might as well try sweater, help you easily turn over a whole autumn and winter!3. Coat + hoodie This year, wear a hoodie!Absolutely stylish not to clash with the shirt, and just to cater to the two big sports wind!Hoodie + coat: This simple yet stylish, casual and legitimate outfit is loved by everyone from celebrities to bloggers.Simple to acme collocation easily wear temperament.Coat is winter absolutely good “malicious role”, especially long coat, temperament is special walk with wind.We will take the initiative to put on a coat in winter, not only warm but also especially fashionable, winter we are serious.Coat collocation hoodie, leisure fashion and reduce age.# Share your New Life ## Have a Happy New Year