This life does not regret into China!The Chinese goddess of skating citizenship: watching the flag-raising ceremony and taking the oath

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It is no secret in any country that there are beautiful women in figure skating. Chinese figure skating also has a glorious history, including Li Zijun, Chen Hongyi and other beautiful women with excellent appearance and temperament.In the past two years, zhu Yi, 19, has been the most popular new goddess in Chinese figure skating.Apart from her good looks and skills, Zhu yi’s naturalized athlete status has also brought her more attention.Released on Jan. 25, Zhu Yi dynamic, drying out the picture of her in tiananmen square to watch the flag-raising ceremony, and a caption: as a member of the Chinese Olympic delegation to pledge to go all out to win honor for our country, there is no doubt that as naturalization athlete Zhu Yi, her words “don’t regret this life into the huaxia” is used to describe the most appropriate.Zhu Yi was born in 2002 to Chinese-American parents and spent his early years in California.However, Zhu yi’s parents have attached great importance to their daughter’s education in The Chinese culture since she was a child. Although She grew up in the United States, she does not speak Chinese or understand Chinese culture much differently from ordinary Chinese.The ATMOSPHERE of ice and snow sports is better in the United States. Zhu began to receive professional training when he was introduced to ice skating at the age of eight.In 2018, Zhu Yi won the CHAMPIONSHIP at the US National Championships, becoming a new talent in women’s figure skating. It is moving that she decided to restore her Chinese nationality at the beginning of her career, and officially joined the Chinese figure skating team in 2019.In November 2019, Zhu Yi went to the World Championships for the first time as a Chinese player. Due to a broken foot, her performance was not satisfactory, and she only finished 11th in singles skating.After more than two months of rest, Zhu Yi participated in the Four Continents Championship during the Spring Festival of 2020, but the result was still not ideal.Later, Zhu ranked 22nd in the singles event at the World Junior Championships, and there were more and more doubts.Faced with the question, Zhu Yi did not respond, but quietly training, hoping to speak with good results.In the fourth quarter of last year, Zhu placed seventh in the Asian Open and ninth in the Italian Grand Prix, showing a steady improvement in performance.In the following winter Olympic Games, Zhu Yi was in a stable condition. She won the third place in singles skating in the first match. After five trials, she beat Chen Hongyi and other famous athletes and ranked the first place in total, and also successfully got the ticket for the Winter Olympic Games.According to the rules, the Chinese figure skating team only has one spot in the Winter Olympics, although athletes such as Chen Hongyi contributed a lot in the qualification process, Zhu Yi is more like “picked up off the shelf”.But merit speaks for itself, and since there are trials, the athlete who comes in first should qualify, regardless of past performance.Zhu yi herself is looking forward to the Winter Olympics. Together with Gu Ailing, she will be the two most watched female athletes on the Chinese team at the games.