The more difficult times, the more we must learn to be strong

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There is a saying that goes: ‘When we were children, we laughed and cried, but when we grew up, we laughed and cried.Maybe when you are younger, you tend to take the little things as the big things, like having a bad time with your best friend, getting rejected by a girl you like, or losing a game or game.But when you grow up, you realize that there are things in life, such as middle age unemployment, relationship breakdown, and all kinds of unknown and unexpected things, but you have to learn to cope with them.Once in the age of fu New words strong sorrow, we always put the joys and sorrows hanging on the face, also always pour out many secrets of the heart to others.But when there is a real sense of bitterness and sorrow, you have to learn to hide your emotions, not even easy to let others see through your heart.Perhaps the significance of maturity, not only in the material independence, but also in the spiritual independence, especially when you meet any difficulties, you know to constantly adjust yourself, instead of blindly seeking advice and comfort from others.I wonder if you have noticed that as adults, we are less and less likely to expose our vulnerability and weakness.Maybe you have a lot of people around you that you can talk to, but you know it will burden others, so you let it go.You may not really be able to handle a lot of stress, but you know there is no other choice and no way out.Maybe you can’t really relax and let go, but there are a lot of things in this world that go against your wishes and you can’t control them.If our worries were written on our faces when we were young, they are hidden in our hearts when we are grown up.Others may not see it, you may not show it, and there may even be times when the storm is raging inside you, but you still look like you’re clean.In fact, everyone has to face a lot of difficult days.Others may be able to help you out for a while, but it’s up to you to really get yourself out of a difficult situation.So as adults, it’s important to learn to love yourself, to take care of yourself, and to settle in when you’re upset.When you feel unhappy, there are many things you can do to cheer yourself up.It could be reading a book, having a cup of tea and listening to a song, or going to a group of friends and having a chat. Or it could even be doing nothing, saying nothing, and thinking nothing.People to young, always take their own body to torture themselves, but as adults, learn to face no matter how big unhappy, also can’t hurt yourself.You have to eat, sleep to sleep, have a good life.In short, do not disturb the order and rhythm of your life because of external people and events, and do not affect your own mood and state.Not to mope, depressed, and even anxious all day long.Maybe it’s hard to comfort yourself.You have to keep a positive attitude in the face of adversity and pain.It’s easy to comfort yourself.When you cross the heart that sets next to oneself, external difficult can easily cross.Perhaps growing up, on the one hand, brings us independence and maturity, but also inevitably brings some sadness and perplexity.When we were young, we would cry over a trivial matter and need to be coaxed and consoled, but as we grow up, we also have the ability to repair ourselves.If you are feeling lonely at the moment, don’t feel depressed, because this is the best growth period for you.If you feel lost at the moment, don’t despair, because as long as you move forward will always find the direction you want to go.If you feel miserable at this moment, don’t be disappointed, because it is the nourishment that makes you better understand the meaning of life.No one can go through life without sailing.But when you feel sad, might as well learn to cross and heal.Because it is those tears left alone, alone to feel the pain, alone to experience the joys and sorrows of life, will eventually achieve a better you.There is a saying: “People who have not cried at night are not able to talk about life.In fact, in most of your life, you have to learn to live with yourself who is alone and miserable, you have to learn to live with yourself who has no company, you have to learn to live with yourself who has no help.There will come a time when you will be able to truly grow into your strong self through the trials and tribulations of life, most of the time when you don’t know what to do.Encourage with friends.