Smile to spray!Sui Wenjing called Han Cong two dad: he is particularly nagging!Like my dad on the phone all the time

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Sui Wenjing and Han Cong of China won their first Olympic gold medal in 15 years after winning the pairs free skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday night by 0.63 points.It is worth mentioning that everyone is gossiping about whether they are a pair. In fact, Sui Wenjing has been calling Han Cong “two dad” in her life, taking him as a relative rather than a partner.After the game, Sui wenjing and Han Cong hugged together on the ice rink, Sui Wenjing was excited to cry, and Han Cong has been lowering his head to comfort her, looks very sweet, also let many netizens shout: “marry in situ”!Talking about why sui Wenjing called “two dad”, Han Cong smiled, “may be strict to her discipline, like her father?Too kind, or too strict?Occasionally joking and so do we, she says, ‘That’s my dad!’I think it’s more or we’re over the years, as a man, after all age or older (Han Cong 29, SuiWen static 26), control, insight, and accept some of the things, will be a little bit more, and so on some details or a big direction will be given a clear attitude, target, so she may feel, ha, ha, ha,Maybe that’s the state.”Finally, Han cong added, “What she said is more verbose!”Sui wenjing said, “He was very nagging!I call my dad and he can’t hang up the phone and he just keeps talking and talking. It’s very rare for my dad to say, ‘Ok, hang up!’I think that’s true.”In addition, Sui wenjing also made fun of Han Cong’s level of photography, “and what is photography, is really the father’s level!Ah, according to, don’t say!”Then she laughed.Seeing that the two are not lovers, netizens have said, “After talking for a long time,” she thinks it may be more nagging, “and then the next second: nagging!I:Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha “” after all together for 15 years, if if couples have become, not is not, department” “if not lovers, but also their relatives, so isn’t it really doesn’t matter”, “feeling the boy has a lot of, but the girl don’t care, ha ha ha ha” “the boy’s eyes are love,The girl’s eyes are random “feel this thing, is, is not not, not forced not to” “two dad is also very good, forever relatives!””I hope they can continue to compete with each other and achieve higher achievements in their careers.”