On the first day of the Chinese New Year, children carry bags to pay New Year’s greetings

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Our country is vast in territory, and the customs and habits of each place are also different. As for New Year’s greetings, there are different customs around the country. On the first day of the New Year, a variety of different ways to pay New Year’s greetings have appeared.For example, when paying New Year’s greetings to elders in Shandong, people need to kneel down and kowtow, giving a very formal and traditional feeling;There are also many places where the New Year is getting simpler and simpler, are to go to their relatives’ home to turn around, eat a meal together is to worship the New Year.Therefore, many people are feeling: Now the Chinese New Year is less and less flavor.However, on February 1, 2022, in Tongdao County, Huaihua City, Hunan Province, a video of children’s New Year’s greetings shared by a netizen, Yi Ran Jiezi, has become popular among netizens, who say this kind of New Year’s greetings is a good way to pay New Year’s greetings and worth promoting.On the morning of New Year’s Day, the children, all dressed in new clothes and carrying a red bag in their hands, trooped merrily toward the yard of a family.On the ground in the yard, there are still a lot of firecrackers left on the New Year’s Eve, and the children who come to pay their New Year’s greetings, the smell of the New Year is particularly strong.Soon the children went out of the yard, ready to go to another New Year, the hands of the bag looks heavy, should have a lot of harvest.Looking at them that relaxed caper of figure, let a person cannot help but show understanding smile.A little baby, who looked to be about three years old, also followed happily, carrying a bag.Although he could not keep up with the large army, but the whole process was pulled by his brother, small short legs to stride, to catch up with his brother’s footsteps, hands with the rhythm of a swing, the adorable look, looks particularly festive.The netizen said that this is a custom in her country. On the morning of the first day of the New Year, the children will carry a bag and go door to door to ask for candy. The host family will put the candy into their bags.The adults received sincere blessings from the children, and the children also received full care from the elders, as well as the bags of snacks and sweets slowly filled.Some netizens said this is what New Year should look like.As the saying goes, children look forward to the New Year, the children are carefree, feeling the festival is jubilant, harvest full of joy atmosphere.When they grow up, this will be their most treasured memories of growing up.Some netizens from Jiangxi and Henan provinces said they did the same, but many others said they did not have such a custom, and bo’s hometown in rural Hubei province shared similar stories with her.On the morning of the New Year’s Day, adults and children get up early. Young people with their families go out of their homes and go door to door to pay New Year’s greetings to the elders in the village.For a time the village people come and go, bustling, every family visit people in an endless stream, it looks like there is a full sense of ceremony.The elders smiled and took out their snacks and candies to entertain the younger generation. Seeing the children in the crowd, they would always pick up the candies and stuff them into their pockets.Walking around the village, children’s pockets and even hats are full of harvest.In this happy process, the children learned to respect their elders, the custom of paying New Year’s greetings is also passed down from generation to generation in their parents’ words and deeds.Is the Flavor of New Year really weak?In some ways, the traffic is really faded. In the past, it was not easy to go to New Year’s greetings on foot or by car. There was no way to go home on the same day.But now private cars are becoming more and more common, and it is almost the same day to visit relatives. The chance for relatives to get together is becoming more and more short, and the flavor of the New Year is also becoming weaker and weaker.Each era has its own characteristics, and the Chinese New Year will also change with it. However, the memories of my childhood are so profound that even when I grow up, I am still immersed in those memories, and I increasingly feel that the Chinese New Year is not the same as before.And now the children, also is bound to leave a lot of unforgettable memories during the Chinese New Year, perhaps when they grow up will also sigh, how the Chinese New Year more and more no taste of it?