Neihuang: fruit technology training helps farmers to increase income

2022-08-14 0 By

Rural henan daily edition dispatch (reporter correspondent of qin fang Peng Zhishuai Zhang wei) now, during the golden age of fruit tree pruning, neihuang county bureau of agriculture and rural areas to NongGuangJiao high-quality farmers training as the main body, 17 villages and towns in the county by instalments in fruit tree pruning, grafting, such as management skills training, guidance helps growers increase fruit tree management technology,Prepare for a bumper crop of fruit trees this year.On March 25, neihuang growers Peng Huatang call township north called in the village said he since 2019 to NongGuangJiao high-quality training farmers, fruit tree management technology, by learning from the aspects of cutting and grafting, management and so on all have big promotion, now produced fruit from colour and lustre, quality improve greatly, increase production is realized.In order to ensure the 160,000 mu of fruit trees in the county to achieve yield and harvest, since the beginning of last autumn and winter, neihuang county fruit trees agricultural technology experts uninterrupted to the field, farm orchards, fruit farmers to provide a full range of technical guidance and tracking services, improve the county orchard output and fruit quality, comprehensively improve the economic benefits of fruit industry.And through the agricultural technology training, accelerate the training and selection of agricultural high skills, high-quality personnel, promote the county fruit industry sustainable and healthy development.Editor: Lao Qin