Mother could not bear the two sisters to do nothing but eat at home, and threw them out of the house for the same reason

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If you can run first grade, you can’t run 15.Go out, away from parents, but also away from their nagging, usually do not go home, the New Year must go back, once back, can not avoid suffering parents nagging.Especially for single young people, there is no partner, perhaps only the day when they get home by their parents welcome and care, the next day when they wake up, they will find that their children did not bring a partner back, the old Wang family next door have several grandchildren, heart sense of difference arises spontaneously.At this time, parents will be all kinds of dislike their children, some parents will frantically suggest that their children should find a partner to marry and have children, and some parents directly by the sense of alienation brought by the irritability and anger.On the morning of January 26, 2022, a young woman in Pingdingshan city, Henan Province, just got up. Hungry, she picked up the sugar orange on the coffee table and ate it.Before long, the woman mother just bought sugar orange all finished eating, mother saw, angry not, said: I only bought two pounds of fruit, used to entertain guests, you eat it, there are guests to take what to entertain?Every day at home what also do not do, only know to eat and play mobile phone, you have to eat outside to eat.Then the mother took her daughter’s hand and pushed her toward the door. You should think about your own problems and come back when you think about them.Then, the woman’s sister was also driven out by her mother. She saw her sister squatting on the ground playing with her mobile phone and said, “Why are you here?His sister asked his sister, why are you out there?My sister replied, “I’m cooking snail noodles. Mom hates the smell of snail noodles and drives me out, saying I only know how to eat and don’t want to think about my own business.”The younger sister took her words and said, I ate all her sugar tangerines, she threw me out, she also said I only know how to eat, asked me to sell sugar tangerines together.The two sisters smiled at each other and squatted together happily to eat snail noodles.Sister next to the flower bed there is a pool of snow did not melt, it can be seen how cold, as a mother, she does not love their daughter?Of course not.The two sisters seem to have been kicked out because of food, but there are other reasons.It is said that in Henan province, if a girl does not study and passes the age of 20, her parents will find a blind date for her to get married and have children as soon as possible.Before the millennium, over 20 years old was considered an old woman, but in recent years, as there are more men than women, there is no such concept of an old woman, as long as the normal person, 35 years old second marriage is also a flower, people rush to marry.Now there are still many parents who remain in the past, they think that girls over 20 years old, the market competitiveness will be sharply reduced, the home has one such “older girl” enough to worry them, now there are two, simply worried.What’s more, these two daughters only know how to eat and drink at home, play with mobile phones and sleep all day, and do not contact with the opposite sex, as their parents are of course in the eyes, anxious in the heart.The mother’s goal was for them to find a husband as soon as possible, get married, have their own home, do whatever they want at home, in the mother’s eyes, finding a partner is more important than eating and drinking.There is a saying on the Internet: the best arrangement in life is to do things at your age.Some things once missed will be irreparable, it is better to grasp it firmly as early as possible, in their own hands, do not let it have a chance to be missed.