Jingzhou Kaille Technology, will it go bankrupt

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Recently, Jingzhou city released a list of industrial tax payers, among the top 20 list, hubei Kelle Technology has no figure.Previously more jingzhou in the article “had expected this year’s market value of 100 billion, Jingzhou Kelle technology when can out of the mire?”, detailed introduction of Kelle in recent years.In 2012, Kelle Technology ranked second in paying more than 170 million yuan in taxes, and ranked fourth in paying more than 160 million yuan in taxes in 2013. Now, less than ten years later, kelle Technology, once a big taxpayer, has been filed for bankruptcy reorganization by creditors.On the evening of February 18, ST Kelle issued an advisory notice regarding the company’s bankruptcy filing by its creditors.February 17, the company received a notice from Jingzhou Intermediate People’s Court, because the company can not pay off the debts due and obviously lack of solvency, the applicant Hubei Xin Light plasticizer to protect their legitimate rights and interests, has proposed to Jingzhou Intermediate people’s Court for bankruptcy restructuring of the company.In fact, Kelle technology owes Hubei Xinlight Plastic is not much money, only more than 2 million, according to the securities Times investigation, Kelle still has 500 million capital on its books, why kelle did not choose to directly repay it?So you have to understand the concept of bankruptcy reorganization.It is still a little early to talk about kelle’s bankruptcy. First of all, we should understand that bankruptcy reorganization is different from bankruptcy liquidation. Its main purpose is to help save the debtor company.Although it is too early to talk about the bankruptcy of Kelle, but creditors such behavior, for Kelle in fact there are risks.If the court accepts the application of bankruptcy reorganization, the company’s stock will be delisted risk warning, and there is also the risk of being declared bankrupt due to the failure of reorganization, once declared bankruptcy liquidation, the company’s stock will also be terminated from listing risk.Therefore, Kelle technology to Hubei Xin light plasticizing debt amount is not large, but enough to the company’s follow-up development with a significant impact.Some people might say, why didn’t Kelle just pay back the $2 million, because the $2 million is only the tip of the iceberg for kelle’s debt.According to the announcement issued by Kelle Technology, the company expects a net profit loss of 7.1 billion to 8.7 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021.The net assets of the company also changed from 6.638 billion yuan at the end of 2020 to -462 million yuan to -2.062 billion yuan at the end of 2021.Serious losses and net assets from positive to negative, it can be seen that the scam of private network communication has much impact on Kelle.According to ST Kelle’s announcement, the company provides guarantees for its subsidiaries, with estimated liabilities of about 1.2 billion yuan.A number of creditors have also taken action against Kyla, including a stake in Huangshantou Wine, property in Wuhan and other assets that are being seized and filed for sale.Therefore, the debt of more than two million yuan mentioned above is not a big deal for Kelle Technology, but if it can not enter bankruptcy reorganization, the influx of many creditors is a fatal blow to it.Now that it looks like it’s going into bankruptcy, it may not be such a bad thing for Kelle.In the comments section of the previous jingzhou article, a netizen said: “It was once a leading company in the plastic industry in Jingchu. I hope it can learn a lesson and show its strength again.”But the future of Kelle technology is rebirth or bankruptcy liquidation termination of the listing, it is unknown.Topic of the day: What do you think the future holds for Kelle technology?