Jiande set up 16 “talent introduction” teams to provide regular services to help enterprises usher in a “good start”.

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“This year is the fourth year that we have taken root in Jiande.I decided to give up my job in Beijing because of Jiande’s talent policy and business environment.”February 14, held in jiande New Year talent recruitment fair, from jiande aviation town zhejiang Huayi Aviation Technology Co., LTD., general manager of the leader of the pioneering team in Zhejiang Province Wang Jinhua said with a smile.Wang is not alone in xinjian de.At this job fair, they will also invest in it and become the “living business card” of Jiande to attract more outstanding talents to establish entrepreneurship and employment.At the event site, 16 detachments of Jiande City, specially set up for regular introduction, are providing dynamic service guarantee for more than 3500 positions of 110 enterprises present in an orderly manner.Before the recruitment meeting, the “Zhizhi” group of the detachment opened a one-stop window for returning to hometown for employment and entrepreneurship. The “Geese returning” group visited township scoundsmen and Jiande college students.At the meeting, the “service” group ensured online and offline services, and the “Publicity” group preached policies.After the meeting, the “incentive” group contacted the enterprise for review.In order to prolong the short-term recruitment service cycle, the team thought of more than ten ways.”From the talent inventory to the job demand analysis, to the through train to return to work opened at my door, this wave of efforts are full of sincerity!”Huang Zixuan, head of the human resources department of Xinhua Chemical industry, sighed.The whole job fair received more than 5000 resumes, the atmosphere is hot.In order to achieve the ultimate in normal talent introduction service, Jiande city actively integrated professional platform resources such as Zhaopin recruitment, launched the “West Zhejiang Talent Cloud market” at the site of the launch ceremony, aiming to provide normal cloud employment services for enterprises and talents through air negotiation, cloud publicity, cloud live broadcast, cloud interview and other forms.HR of 8 enterprises, including Xin ‘an Chemical And Nongfu Spring, entered the cloud live broadcast room immediately to recommend “explosive money” positions to job seekers.”Even if you miss the spot recruitment, you can also enjoy employment services through the cloud market”, the municipal Party committee personnel office related person in charge.