“I don’t know what to send, send money practical”, Shenzhen landlord sent 72 sealed tenants 200 each

2022-08-14 0 By

On March 16, a landlord in Shenzhen gave 200 yuan in cash to each of 72 tenants who had been locked out.The landlord entrusts the building manager to find gold for each tenant door to door, “do not know what to send, send money practical”.Netizens praised the landlord’s “bravery”.A tenant surnamed Chen said the landlord gave the 200 yuan to the tenant to buy supplies by himself.In the video, a man in a protective suit knocks on the woman’s door with a form and a pen. After confirming her name and information, he counts out two 100 yuan notes to her, saying that even a big bag of instant noodles costs less than 100 yuan, and that it would be better to give her 200 yuan as a gift so that she can buy what she likes to eat.After delivering the woman, the man knocked on the door of other tenants in the corridor.March 16, xiaoxiang Morning Post reporter contacted video publisher Ms. Chen.Ms. Chen said that because of the epidemic, the landlord gave gifts to tenants. “I didn’t know what they liked, so I just gave them cash.”Chen said the landlord of the building, which has 72 households, gave each 200 yuan in cash.The fact that the landlord gave the tenant cash warmed the majority of netizens, who left comments such as “such a good landlord, who is willing to move”, “I really envy to meet such a good landlord”, “The most handsome landlord in China”.Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post