Germany is the second in the world with 6 gold and 3 silver MEDALS in winter Olympics. What kind of soil gave birth to such a powerful ice and snow team?

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The Spring Festival is not finished, the Winter Olympics has become the most popular topic.Germany won the team bobsled relay yesterday, putting the German team at the top of the gold medal tally (tied with Norway) with six golds and second in the Beijing 2022 Olympic medal tally (as of this post).In terms of events, bobsled, skeleton bobsled and ski jumping are the main areas for Germany to collect gold and silver. Biathlon and speed skating are also likely to win.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Germany showed the world that it is not only football, but also a strong ice and snow team.Four years ago in Pyeongchang, Germany finished second in the medal table with 14 golds, 10 silvers and seven bronzes for a total of 31 MEDALS, its best Winter Olympics record since reunification.So what kind of soil gives birth to such a strong ice team?Today, let’s step into this “strange”, dynamic and enthusiastic “German ice and snow world”.Germany’s icy winter makes winter sports a popular choice for all people. In the city, there are large and small ice rink and curling casino, where everyone can show their skills.And outside of the city, professional ski resorts allow everyone to unleash the greatest sporting enthusiasm in the cold.Coordinates of the most beautiful Winter Olympic Resorts:Garmisch-partenkirchen is Germany’s only glaciated ski resort. From mid-November to early May, snow covers Germany’s highest mountains and shapes this 20-kilometer premium ski trail,The trail caters to the needs of skiers at all levels of difficulty.Garmisch Classic, for example, is a ski area for expert skiers who can find their ideal route.In particular, the professional Kandahar Downhill has attracted the world’s top skiers to challenge.The unique Drehmoser 9 country lodge on Hausberg hill is the perfect place to take a break from skiing.Skiing through the Black Forest Coordinates: Feldberg Feldberg is the highest point in the Black Forest. There are 29 ski lifts and 50 kilometers of ski runs throughout the Feldberg Mountain Ski resort.The Field Mountain ski resort has a long tradition of skiing. It is said that the world’s first ski lift was born in black Forest.The first skier in The Black Forest was Tholu, a village doctor who had worked on a Norwegian ship. He heard that Arctic explorer Frithjof Nansen had skied across Greenland and thought of his snowy home in the Black Forest. He bought a pair of skis and used them to practice medicine.From then on, in 1891, people began skiing in the Black Forest, following the doctor’s example, and the Todtnau Ski club was founded, with Fritjoff Nansen becoming the first honorary member.The following year, the Black Forest hosted slalom.Oberammergau (Oberammergau) is a small village in Bavaria, but in the mind of visitors it is the gem of southern Germany.It is famous for its beautiful frescoes on the exterior walls of its houses, and while most tourists visit in summer, it becomes a cross-country skiing paradise in winter.It is a place where spectacular scenery is combined with winter sports, the most popular of which is undoubtedly the snow-covered trail from the village to the Lindhof Palace, which on a clear day is a fairy-tale scene of pure white snow and sapphire blue skies, and ends at the palace built by the Child King.The main ski area is located on the other side of the main road in the Kolben area and offers different ski options for beginners and intermediate skiers.The resort is surrounded by mountain lodges where visitors can dine and relax while watching other skiers zoom past.Fichtelberg, the highest region in Saxony, has well-crafted ski slopes right on the doorstep of various resorts and, together with Klinovec on the Czech side, forms the most popular winter sports area in Saxony.The greatest pleasure of skiing here is to “ski” out of the country and feel the winter passion of the two countries.Turning abandoned mines into hot spots is a German trick.The Essen Customs Union coal mining area, listed as a World Heritage site, has also been transformed into a fantastic winter sports venue.Day and night, you can have an “industrial style” skating experience.There are interesting ski resorts all over Germany, winter sports are within reach of almost every city, and there are numerous winter sports clubs and associations, which are the soil in which Germany’s great ice and snow team has its roots.Finally, back to Beijing 2022!How many MEDALS do you think Germany will win in the end, and is it possible to repeat that feat?