Fight to break the Sky 2 finished, He Luo Luo ding smile ying starring, but the end of the first season let people look at a headache

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Article/god pig said animation by He Luo Luo ding xiao Ying starring “Fight to break the Sky 2” finished, I am really not optimistic about this live drama.So far, only the main actors and actresses have been announced, but no one else has been announced, especially queen Medusa, who is still unknown.The live-action series only took four months from shooting to finishing.I also wrote this live action drama before, also introduced to you the specific information of this live action drama, such as the director is once directed “Douluo continent” director Yang Zhenyu.But this time I happened to see the final pictures of Fight The Sky 2, and I started to worry again, because I suddenly realized that this is the second season, but what happened at the end of The first season?How are we going to continue this second season?I look like a little headache, so let’s take a look.What was the end of the first season of this live-action series?Let’s just say it’s a book that deviates completely from the original, with the same names and titles, but nothing else.The final outcome is yunshan pass Naran purples, yes, you did not read wrong, no yun yun what thing, yunshan also put their own from the emperor of a mirror a sword to Naran purples, let her be sure to bright Yunlan zong.And by this time, the first set of matting mystery also solved, Xiao Yan mother gu Yuexin died because of Yunshan, and yunshan dozen idea is to get the so-called treasure, behind the shaw home was also because Xiao Yan father Xiao war did not want to hand over the ancient emperor jade tuo.This plot is really look after, yunshan, though dead, but the soul temple temple main soul out but life out, it is worth mentioning that in reality show ZSZSZSZ soul once worshipped the main temple temple destroyed for the teacher, ok in the end he escaped from the temple of soul and spirit and out this time out, open the strongest soul temple, that was ZSZSZSZ bones do break fast escape.But Xiao Yan was also seriously injured, the key moment, is a small doctor fairy came to take Xiao Yan, and then went to the mountain of warcraft cave.And in the cave of mountain of this last warcraft, it can be said that it is really one of twists and turns, small doctor fairy because xiao Yan is seriously injured about to die of the relationship, then settled xiao Yan ran out to find medicine.Who knows she just walked, after the foot medicine old disciple Han Feng will find the door, and from the hand of Xiao Yan took off the ring, want to force medicine to hand over the so-called all kinds of treasures and skills, but also the name of the United States is for the mainland for the whole world, only they can save the continent, and the soul of the fight.But the old medicine was unmoved, finally Han Feng completely exposed his ugly face, will take xiao Yan’s ring directly, also threatened to xiao Yan want revenge can go to the soul temple at any time, then he went.And he walked, followed by Xiao Smoked son also found here, Xiao smoked son more absolutely, on the surface of concern about the safety of Xiao Yan, cried, but it is crying from xiao Yan took the ancient emperor Tuo She jade, also said Xiao Yan don’t blame yourself, this is to the ancient family, but also in order not to let the world fall in the hands of the soul temple.2002, the first season was clearly a dead end, and the second season was fundamentally unsalvable. After watching the end of the first season of the live action series, I called my boy.The end of the plot from the fundamental logic is illogical, since Han Feng found Xiao Yan that why only take the ring and not take xiao Yan tuo she ancient emperor jade?Doesn’t he know?Obviously know, at least he and soul temple collusion, but also witnessed the yunlan Zong war, but he seems deliberately invisible, not only did not take the ancient emperor jade also put xiao Yan life.And since Xiao Smoked son likes Xiao Yan, and still be the female master appointed, so at least should save Xiao Yan, and not cry on the surface to express very sad, the result has not cried over it.The right hand took away the ancient jade on Xiao Yan, as if Xiao Yan died not dead is not important, they get the ancient jade is the most important, finally Xiao Smoked son left Xiao Yan, went to what dragon island inherit mother Dragon, and this season is over.But I really see very headache, because the first season of magic changed to this, as a continuation of the live drama, the second season of this how to make up?With “angry horse” after the fear is only “fast horse”, the plot becomes more and more deviated from the original work, because it is now impossible to follow the original work, the most basic structure has been disrupted.Now it looks like Han Feng may be the biggest villain in the movie. Why?Because Han Feng play is too much, first kill medicine old, behind almost will xiao smoked son to stain, to the finale is hidden in the dark witnessed xiao Yan and the soul of the temple Lord soul destroy life together, he finally took the benefit of the fishing man, from Xiao Yan easy to take the ring.In this way, he has to do the qualification of the villain, as for the soul of life, he has no great use, Han Feng back sooner or later to the soul of life to Yin death, instead of their own, only hope that the second season of the plot can be better than the first season, there is no other requirements, even if there is official fear is also can not do.So that’s it for today. What do you think of the second season of Fight the Firmament?Welcome to discuss and leave comments.