CBA three news: Han Dejun xitiao luxury car, ducks big foreign aid return team, Wu nearly reimbursed

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Handejun has been in hospital for eye and facial treatment since the clash with Weems, but according to the latest reports, handejun’s injury is basically fine and he will be able to play the first match of stage 3, as long as the eye is checked in the next month.And at the beginning of the New Year, Han Dejun himself is not idle, according to the fans sent photos to see, Han Dejun’s latest mention of a BMW car.Han dejun’s annual salary is up to 10 million yuan, so he has no problem buying a car.He used to drive a Porsche, and he had higher requirements for his car, so he chose to change his car during the Spring Festival.Han Dejun saw a casual dress, he did not suffer from injuries, a relaxed face.And the face also did not have any injured trace, it seems that Handejun recovered quite well.Han Dejun and others talking and laughing mood is good.Fans know how important Han is to Liaoning, his stats aren’t that great but he’s the one the team relies on inside.In the second stage of liaoning’s game against Xinjiang, It was Precisely because of The absence of Han Dejun that Moortri scored 40+10, which was also liaoning’s second game lost.Han dejun, who has had a rare outburst in his career, apologised to the country’s fans for forgiveness after losing his composure, and they were generous enough to wish him a speedy recovery.The second news is about Hamilton, a big foreign aid of Beijing Ducks. Hamilton ended his three-week isolation yesterday, and the Ducks officially started training yesterday, so Hamilton joined the team on the first day after isolation, which shows his professionalism.Hamilton is in his fifth season with the Ducks, so he has a seamless understanding of the team’s players and tactics.At present, the Ducks already have Lin, Gibson and Brown three foreign players, but they play the point guard position, and the inside has always been a weakness of the Ducks, after weighing the pros and cons of the ducks again reached an agreement with Hamilton.Hamilton not only has the height, he also has a good three-point shot and the ability to play, which is a lot of big foreign aid can not reach, so he is also the best fit for the Beijing Ducks.In addition, Shugang Team’s professional attitude toward Hamilton and desire for the game were the important reasons for signing him. Hamilton obeyed the management, never contradicted the coach, and showed great respect to his teammates. There was no superfluous action on the court.Hamilton has a good relationship with Yanis and Lin, so his arrival will give the Ducks a nice inside boost, and he will also be the ducks’ final acquisition.The third news is about the jiangsu team core Wu, Wu Just posted on the Internet and Shen Zijie New Year reunion photos, from the photos can be seen that Wu is in a good mood, with the company of Zhang Changning Wu is not so lonely.But on the court, Wu is not like that.Because Wu suffered a very serious rupture of his biceps tendon, he is currently recovering, but it’s cool to report that he probably won’t return this season.Wu suffered the injury in a game against North Kong on Jan. 16 (Beijing time). The injury didn’t appear to be serious and he continued to play, but coach Li Nan pulled him out as a precaution and he hasn’t played since.At that time, according to jiangsu team general manager, Wu left the competition area to return to Nanjing for treatment and the return date has not been determined, but from the current situation, Wu is not likely to play this season.The third phase of the last 10 games left, and jiangsu has in advance for the playoffs, so, there’s no need for Wu Guanxi adventure, even if he can heal coach misia also has his own ideas, that’s his son Li Lu Tong must also has the certain time to exercise, jiangsu culture newcomer is the ultimate goal of the season,So Jeremy Lee will replace Edison Wu to become the jiangsu team’s starting center, Edison Wu this season will be hopeless to come back.