Why do many old Xiaomi users never think about Xiaomi again when they change their next phone?

2022-08-13 0 By

Why do many longtime Xiaomi users say they will never consider Xiaomi again when they change their next phone?There are two main reasons.Xiaomi mobile phone “reinvented”, is no longer cost-effective models xiaomi mobile phone is known for its cost performance, high performance + low price, such configuration attracts many office workers and students to buy, review the past dynasties xiaomi mobile phone starting price: Xiaomi 1 starting price 1999;Mi 2 from 1999;Xiaomi 3 starting price 1999;Xiaomi 4 starting price 1999;Xiaomi 5 starting price 1999;Xiaomi starts at 2,299 for 6;Xiaomi starts at 2,699;Xiaomi starts at 2,999;Xiaomi starts at 3,999 for 10;Xiaomi 11 starts at 3,999;Xiaomi starts at 3,699 for 12;In the past, xiaomi’s price was very low, but with the development of the market, Xiaomi began to want to grab the high-end market. One of the representative high-end flagship phones is high price, so Xiaomi naturally raised the price of mobile phones to grab the high-end market.Xiaomi’s biggest failure last year should be during the Double 11 Xiaomi MIX4 price drop 1300, in the price is directly from the high-end to the middle end, also makes the reputation of Xiaomi and Xiaomi MIX4 cliff collapse, even many people timely stop losses, put xiaomi MIX4 on the recycling around,Now the recycling price of mi MIX4 is 3699.Although it is only a phone price reduction, but xiaomi users to reduce the trust of Xiaomi.Like when mi 12 was released, there was a lot of talk like, “Will mi 12 come down?Buy millet 12 is the first to buy or wait for 618 big price reduction?”Do not say these questions are true or false, but the emergence of this kind of speech did affect xiaomi’s reputation.The frequent problems of Xiaomi’s mobile phones hurt the hearts of many old users. However, with the increase in price, xiaomi’s old users may not give up using Xiaomi’s mobile phones. What really makes xiaomi’s old users sad is the frequent problems of Xiaomi’s mobile phones.In general, Xiaomi mobile phones have problems such as overcharging, inaccurate power display, signal instability of Xiaomi mobile phones, ringing delay, screen warping, Logo paint off, phone back cover gap, ABNORMAL ring of SIM card slot and so on.Single phone, Mi 11 abnormal heat, burning WIFI, MI 10 block screen, MI MIX4 screen detection brightness out of control, MI 9 automatic induction light failure and other problems.I believe that this is a lot of old Xiaomi users, when the next mobile phone, no longer consider the root cause of Xiaomi.Xiaomi’s longtime users say that the reason why they won’t consider Xiaomi for their next phone is xiaomi’s own fault, and Xiaomi really needs to improve its practices.