“The world” six small gentleman’s break, Zhou Bingkun has half the responsibility, his betrayal let a person chill

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Light word piece six small gentleman in a collective to buy meat, established a deep friendship, also had a period of good and bad days, but soon by the reality of life to break up.The six gentlemen were Guoqing of the wood factory, Qiaishou of the soy bean factory, Zhou Bingkun, Cao Debao, Xiangyang and Lu Chuan. At the beginning, they were all in the same class and none of them could stand out as workers.However, with the improvement of the policy, Lu Chuan and Xiang Yang, who loved learning, were admitted to universities and had a good future after graduation. Lu Chuan entered an official career, while Xiang Yang became an engineer and had his own new circle.Zhou Bingkun, before and National Day, catch up are wood factory workers, later because of tu Zhiqiang event, left the wood factory, in the help of CAI Xiaoguang came down to the soy sauce factory, met Cao Debao, Lv Chuan and others.Later, Zhou Bingkun in the magazine under the recommendation of Teacher Shao, without telling his father to leave the soy sauce factory, successfully into the sea, income has been greatly improved, and through their own years of efforts and teacher Shao with great help, obtained the dream of the press unit quota, temporary staff.And the remaining three of the six small gentlemen, still in the increasingly depressed factory dawdling, especially National Day and catch up, home are more difficult, seven or eight people crowded in two rooms, life can be imagined.From every gathering, the National Day daughter-in-law and catch up daughter-in-law’s whining, can realize that their life is really difficult.And Cao Debao and they were about the same, but because the wife Chunyan became low dry, but also points the room, followed to enjoy a blessing, life is still moist, but Cao Debao instead become the “heart is not right”.”The world” six small gentleman’s break, Zhou Bingkun has half responsibility.Cao Debao more than once made fun of Lv Chuan and Xiangyang, did not contact them, did not participate in their parties, spoke in a strange manner, in the light of the two people to forget them.Of course, Cao Debao also eye zhou Bingkun, said his brother in the provincial party committee work, brother-in-law is a famous poet, Zhou Bingkun in the hotel dry wind, immediately became a regular, the party came late for a while to suggest that zhou Bingkun and they are not a kind of people, will not come.Later, when Zhou bingkun’s bookstore opened, there were two job opportunities. He went to the wood factory director for The first time and arranged for His sister and her lover to work in the bookstore to help them.Chow bingkun is not wrong to do so, because several friends inside the number of their two families the most difficult, so just gave this good opportunity to the two of them.But Cao Debao did not think so, because this matter began to hate Zhou Bingkun and his family, and even wrote to report Zhou Bingyi, the eldest brother of Zhou Bingkun, it was too much!To this end, Zhou Bingkun and Cao Debao couple cut off contact, Cao Debao couple also went away, six little gentleman left half.”The world” is really written all the world, what kind of people have, or the old saying is good: better offend the gentleman, also don’t offend the villain ah!# Human Essay #